Monday, March 31, 2014

The Hispanic Bellwether in Miami: Gonzalo Sanabria. By Geniusofdespair

Gonzalo Sanabria
No one knows more than Gonzalo that we aren't fans of this Republican Committeeman at Eye On Miami. But we find his tiff with Rick Scott (who looks like a ghost in the commercial I saw this morning) fracturing the campaign.

Gonzalo Sanabria quit his Miami Expressway Authority Board post, he said in protest. Probably he was just sick of doing it, but the protest part is what got my attention.  According to the Tampa Bay Times:

Gonzalo Sanabria, a longtime Miami-Dade Expressway Authority board member, announced Thursday he was resigning from his appointed post to protest the “disparaging and disrespectful” treatment of Mike Fernandez, the former co-finance chairman of Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign.

“Since he has been treated in such a disparaging and disrespectful manner by your [campaign] staff and ignored in his advice, it is obvious that there is a great deal of dysfunction and disconnection of which I want to have no part nor can I render my support any longer as you are governing from a weak and flawed platform,” Sanabria wrote in an email he sent to Scott’s staff.

More tellling, Sanabria wrote:

“The Hispanic Community of South Florida is a key component of this great State’s vibrant socio-political fabric and treating us as you have is a grave mistake as it pains me to tell you what you will find out to the chagrin of us loyal Republicans,” wrote Sanabria. “Good Luck Governor, I’m not a fan any longer.”

Does this mean he will vote for Crist? Does it mean he won't vote (that is likely as there is history of Sanabria not voting)? Republicans rarely air their dirty laundry in such a prominent way. I am enjoying it.

Anyway, this crack in the ranks of monied, Hispanic Republicans in the Governor's race is so satisfying to me. First Mike Fernandez now Sanabria, at least they get the disrespect by the young twits. It took Hispanic Republicans long enough but it is never too late. Come over to our side - Oh wait, I am a Republican. Go over to their side, after all Crist is only missing one letter to make him "holier than thou": "an H".

Another scenario we haven't considered, Gonzalo Sanabria is trying to suck up to Mike Fernandez so he can get on the 'A' list party circuit. Politics be damned.


Anonymous said...

Gonzalo did not quit he was not reaapomited due to his vote to increase tolls (not to br confused with trolls). There may be a crack or chink, but Mr. Sanabria is not it. Hes just trying to get on the Mike Fernandez wave.

Anonymous said...

When will these wealthy Hispanic WASP wannabes learn the the far right wing of the Republican Party just wants their money, influence and votes to perpetuate their control on our state and cares little about minorities joining the American mainstream? Not to worry, the Jeb bus is right around the corner, they'll be riding it soon enough.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Satan in the top photo.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me?..... Hispanic WASP wannabe's!

Anonymous said...

Well if you're a billionaire, you're probably not a "wannabe".

However most WASPs equate Hispanic,Cuban,Latino with poor Mexicans, regardless if you're a member of the country club or not.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sanabria did the equivalent of the "no, you're not going to fire me, I quite." It has been well known that his controversial vote to raise tolls did not sit well with Scott (or the community). His statements are selfish and self-serving.

Anonymous said...

Gonzalo Sanabria twice failed to win a Commission spots in Coral Gables! He's a nobody. I'm not a fan of Scott, but having the media play up this nobody to demonstrate kinks in the armor is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

If Sanabria reads this blog, can he tell us: who does his hair?

Louis Cipher said...

Wow the resemblence is too much. Imagine Skeletor V Satan. Ticket sales alone could pay for health care, boob jobs, penis enlargements and bad hair transplants for everyone.

Anonymous said...

How is it that a supposedly Democrat Marc Sarnoff chaired a Republican fund raising event at Mike Fernandez's house?

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff is not a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff is whatever you want him to be politically or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is getting ready for Jeb! and running from the tanking Scott Titanic leaving just 1 billionaire behind, Rick all alone is part of the plan.

Anonymous said...

Why do the crazies always post stupid things? The guy resigned from the road thing and the republican party, find proof he didn't because the media got it in writing and Scott hasn't shown anything that denies what took place

Im not a Republican nor a Democrat as both parties suck but when someone says it like it is its really cool and this guy has balls

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff became a Democrat in 2006 when he needed the party's money to win a run-off election. Now he is the billboard queen.

Anonymous said...

Sanabria is a snake and he cannot be trusted. He is only out for his political gain, of which he has none. He lost 2 Gables elections and is a loud mouth. Best thing for him not to be on the MDX anymore

Anonymous said...

Is it obvious Scott's minions are posting here?

Scott was gonna go down in flames anyway but now two prominent Republicans punched him in the gut

Rare seeing these guys openly fighting each other. I love it and both Fernandez and Sanabria slammed this Rick Scott to the mat, now Christie has company lol

Anonymous said...

Except Christie may be going to jail.

Anonymous said...

In looking at Scott's recent announcements he seems to be running against President Obama, not running for the governor of Florida. I guess his record is so bad when it comes to the state that he wants to focus attention on anything but his sorry performance as governor.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lansky got it right too! Finally some voices or reason. Scott js the worst thing that has happens to Florida.

Anonymous said...

For the poster who calls Sanabria a prominent member of the GOP you didn't see him practically get boo'd off the podium at a Miami Republlican Party meeting as he defended the practiced of MDX. He may be rich but I wouldn't call him a prominent Republican. He's not very respected. This is the guy who wanted to put a $250K+ water feature on a highway. Let the Democrats have him but beware, you might not like him either.

Anonymous said...

Toll hiker! Sanabria calls himself a republican? His vote to increase toll rates look like far left stuff. He should have been gone a long time ago. Others on that board need to exit as well. We are going to be stuck with some major debt folks. And these non-elected members are throwing the dirt on us.

Anonymous said...

Gov Scott's statement about the new guy not voting for toll hikes? Well, thanks to Sanabria and a few others on that board, they won't ever have to vote for toll hikes. They will happen automatically. Time for a little truth telling here.

Anonymous said...

Genius, forgive the link, but here is info on the guy who is replacing Sanabria

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, but you hard line Scott apologists trying to discredit two guys who happened to be from the same party but had differences with Scott for real obvious reasons are not doing yourselves any favors by personal attacks and ridiculous blurbs Say something significant that addresses the void Scott has with not just Hispanics but Afro Americans and the young folks Show me why I should support Scott, in spite of his having cut off money for education, making immigrants feel like third class citizens, show no support for "support your ground" gun laws, allow his department heads to go hog wild in travel expenses, have his former Lt Governor indicted or his chief of staff lie he has no college degree and then come back and tell us why Scott is better than Charlie as to me they are both no good. this is about Scott and his failed policies and his bought for governorship not anything else matters

Anonymous said...

The old GOP guard in Miami will not be voting Crist, even if they aren't crazy about Scott. They won't want Crist helping to usher in Hillary. Some will vote for Scott happily. Some will hold their noses and vote for the man. GOP will unify in time for 2016. The stakes are too high.

Anonymous said...

It won't matter. Scott is gone!

Anonymous said...

Scott can't connect with Hispanics, African Americans, young people, Jews, elderly and almost 100% of anyone living in South Florida. It will be a blow out for Dems at the Governor race but much tighter for the federal races. In fact, many true GOP leaders think Scott is a drain on votes like some Dems think Obama is a drain on votes too. The big race is on for US Rep Joe Garcia

Anonymous said...

Obama is not a drain on Democrats. He is our leader and we are proud to have him in control. Garcia will be fine, but he needs a much stronger constituent services operation. You have to be in touch with people in the District all year, not just when you are looking for election money.

Anonymous said...

The Scott bloggers who try to minimize the damage done by two prominent Hispanic Republicans are doing themselves a disfavor and should instead concentrate on Chariie's rising poll numbers as no matter how you go about "eating your own" in the GOP ranks; its obvious there is a huge divide in the South Florida community when it comes to Scott and these little firefights and personal attacks against two guys who are achievers in the business world will turn off a wide expanse of us Hispanics who would rather believe Mr. Fernandez and Sanabria than Scott who only paid the biggest ever fine for Healthcare fraud under his leadership. Who can you trust?

Anonymous said...

Here is a very revealing Editorial on Rick Scott's lies
----------------------Gov. Scott, where are you on toll hikes?
April 15, 2014|By Sun Sentinel Editorial Board, By Sun Sentinel Editorial Board
Before another moment passes, let us comment on an underlying issue in the recent dust-up within Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign: highway tolls.

Specifically, we'd like to know whether the governor supports the toll increases being imposed by state and local highway managers. For after appearing to support these tolls, which can now run higher than $10 on the I-95 express lanes in Miami-Dade County, it appears the governor is backing off.

Or is he?

First, a little background.

Late last month, the governor's top fundraiser, Mike Fernandez of Coral Gables, resigned, saying he was frustrated by a lack of access to Scott, by poor judgment shown by the governor's advisors and by issues related to Hispanic outreach. As one example, Fernandez said the governor's campaign aides mimicked a Mexican accent, according to emails obtained by The Miami Herald.

About a week later, a longtime member of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, Gonzalo Sanabria, resigned to protest the criticism Fernandez faced after his resignation. Sanabria similarly cited "a great deal of dysfunction and disconnection" within the governor's re-election campaign team.

The governor's office responded quickly to Sanabria's salvo, saying he got it all wrong. Scott spokesman Frank Collins said the governor's office told Sanabria he would not be reappointed to the expressway authority "due to his votes to raise toll fees on the people of Miami-Dade."

Oh! So the governor doesn't support the recent toll hike for the I-95 express lanes, which can now cost as much as $10.50 for a seven-mile stretch?

This came as news to us because a year ago, when Gov. Scott visited with the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board, we asked about the state's trend toward sky-high tolls and alternatives to charging $7 to take the I-95 express lanes under development in Broward and Palm Beach.

To us, it sure sounded like the governor supported these tolls. "We wouldn't be able to add all these lanes that we want to add around the state if we didn't do it this way," he told us.

Yet now he refuses to reappoint an expressway board member for following his lead?

So we called the governor's office to ask whether he plans to hold the line on toll increases, something we've encouraged him to do. After all, toll increases are another form of tax hike, and the governor says he wants to keep Florida an affordable place to live.

But getting a straight answer out of the governor's office is never easy.

Two days after we asked his position on toll increases, we got this response from press spokesman John Tupps:

"Gov. Scott fights every day to keep the costs of living low for Florida families, and expects his appointees to share that goal. Last month, Florida motorists were delivered a major victory when the governor cut nearly $400 million in automobile fees, which will put more money in motorists' pockets year-over-year. Respective to local expressway authorities, the governor believes that the funds generated through these roads must be invested back into the local communities, and for the benefit of drivers using these roads."

Translation: the governor isn't taking a position about the expressway authority having increased the maximum tolls on the I-95 express-lanes from $7 to $10.50.

We tried a second time. Does the governor support these toll increases? After all, he just said he refused to reappoint someone because that person voted to raise tolls.


Translation: Scott doesn't seem opposed to higher tolls.

And the governor is very good at avoiding the question.

Anonymous said...

This last comment from a news service is the most revealing of the now "old news" Mike Fernandez and Gonzalo Sanabria's displeasure of Scott. Those that demean people who serve in public agencies without ever (I researched this) having an Ethics complaint in Sanabria's or Fernandez's case should perhaps take their petty personal attacks to the core of the issues instead as we are all too smart to worry about someone looking like Satan ( I think he's handsome) or a spoiled billionaire (nonsense) are doing themselves a disfavor.

Yes, a toll equalization was voted to close the system so they can fund expensive maintenance and new projects and No, they get zero dollars from any other source

Would you rather have a situation like in Key Biscayne where half a bridge was collapsing and Miami Dade had no money to fix it ? Key Biscayne charges $1.50 for eons but that money went to other needs while the bridges rotted. Do you seriously want that ?

I'd say Scott was a hypocrite and lied because Sanabria was loudly complaining about Fernandez's treatment, not for any other reason and he was elected as a Republican Party Commttee member by a 2-1 margin ( i voted for him) whose term ran until 2016

So Scott won, which is not a bad or good thing but lies are lies and this blog should sometimes resort to a more credible platform so its not ignored as a n unfounded hate -sounding-personal-attacks board.

Not all you have written in your blog falls into this category and EOM has done some great things for our community

But this one does and it shouldn't be at this gutter level when it can be much more informative and unbiased

Hope Im not asking too much from Nancy and Alan to show a bit of a balanced approach as you blog has been around a long time and you can have the luxury of being more pliant

A "zero" on this story or mischaracterizations, unfortunately but I look forward to perhaps some positive changes you could consider