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Sun Sentinel Columnist: Governor doesn't dare tell public the truth … by gimleteye

Everyone is dipping and darting around language deemed politically incorrect. Rick Scott -- the most clueless governor in Florida history -- is a liar. Sun Sentinel columnist Stephen Goldstein delivers part of the news; Gov. Scott "doesn't dare tell the public the truth". Changing the equation that has turned America into a democracy in name only is up to voters.

Stephen Goldstein: Governor doesn't dare tell public the truth - March 16, 2014

Recently, Florida Gov. Rick Scott delivered his fourth "State of the State Address," titled "Destination Opportunity." It should be called "State of Delusion."

For the rosy picture he painted of the debacle of his years in office, he would have flunked a lie detector test. Here are some of the governor's claims translated into the truth:

The governor said: In 2010, when he was elected, "like Washington, Florida's economy was driven into the ground by spending what some embraced as 'free money' . . . Florida's big spending racked up big debt. Florida was in a hole. Unemployment was above 11 percent. More than one million people were unemployed."

The truth: Scott's take on the economy is contrary to that of every credible economist in the world. He's trying to fool people into believing there was no global recession, the world economy was not on the verge of total collapse, and the downturn in the Florida economy was Charlie Crist's fault.

The governor said: "We could have kept embracing spending and debt — but we didn't. We could have kept growing government and expecting our challenges to solve themselves — but we didn't. We had two options — we could take the usual way out by raising taxes and running up more debt . . . or we could do the politically hard thing and trim our budget."

The truth: He and the Republican-dominated Legislature gutted social programs that benefit the needy and did little or nothing to help the middle class, but enacted programs and legislation that disproportionately benefit businesses and the richest Floridians, on the discredited premise that what's good for the prosperous trickles down to the poor.

The governor said: "Four years ago people were down on Florida. High unemployment. Shrinking home values. Florida was in retreat. For the first time in decades, more people left the state of Florida than moved in from other states. Now, we are on the rise. Jobs are coming back."

The truth: The governor makes the outlandish claim his economic magic wand cured Florida's economy, which is actually still languishing. He denies that federal stimulus dollars and the policies of the Federal Reserve had anything to do with the state's drop in unemployment and the overall improvement in the economy during the recent economic crisis.

The governor said: "We cut taxes 24 times."

The truth: He cut taxes, to be sure, but primarily for businesses, not average working men and women. See details at

The governor said: "We are again proposing to invest record amounts in our K-12 education system."

The truth: He and the Republican-dominated Legislature have continued to gut public schools by vastly increasing the number of charter schools and vouchers. And whatever monies they now appropriate for public schools don't make up for drastic cuts in previous years.

The governor said: "I am proud that all of Florida's 4-year state colleges now offer bachelor's degrees for only $10,000. These degrees aren't just affordable — they are also geared toward high-demand job fields so students are prepared to start a great career when they graduate."

The truth: rated his claim Mostly False and added, "the schools . . . have accepted a challenge from Scott to offer $10,000 degrees, but only about half currently do. Also, there are several other caveats as to who can get a cheap degree and in what major. Lastly, the $10,000 degree doesn't cover books, housing, meals, fees and other expenses."

The governor said: "When we set out to jump start our economy four years ago, we talked about creating 700,000 jobs in seven years."

The truth: The governor talked alright, but he wants you to forget that he promised to create 700,000 jobs on top of the number that would have been created anyway — and he knows he'll never accomplish that

The governor said: "We believe Florida is the best place to raise a family."

The truth: He and Florida Republicans have fought Obamacare without offering a credible, alternative plan of their own, which puts every man, woman, and child at health and financial risk, and makes Florida one of the worst states for raising a family.

If the governor gets to deliver a fifth "State of the State Address," it should be titled "Fooled You Twice, Shame on You." For though Rick Scott's truth is stranger than fiction, Floridians would either be guilty of not knowing the difference — or caring.

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Anonymous said...

Within his first few months in office, Scott cut off funding to group homes for mentally handicapped adults. After an outcry from citizens, the funds were briefly returned only to have it cut during the next budget cycle. Group homes were closed and residents forced to move and share bedrooms.

Even worse, now adults with lesser mental handicaps and criminal records or drug and alcohol addictions now share these homes with other residents who's mental ages are that of kindergartners.

Males and female residents are housed in the same home, which leads to unwanted sexual advances by both the male residents and their male caregivers.

Staff members are less trained and in Pinellas County that led to the death of a 26th year old resident in December of 2010.

I am well aware of these issues because my niece lives in these group homes. She was given 30 days to get out when the funding was first dropped, and then given a brief reprieve. She's had to move twice since. She shares a bedroom with another girl who steals her possessions. She has been improperly touched by both residents and staff, and lived in the group home where the 26 year old girl died.

Governor Scout must not be reelected.

miles said...

You guys need to check out two articles posted by Dan Christiansen over at

He details why Scott's "blind" trusts aren't blind.

Now we know why someone would spend tens of millions of dollars of their own money to get elected.

BeGoodToThePlanet said...

Govenor Rick Scott did not spend "his" own money to run for govenor. He spent Health Care of America (HCA)funds in which he pleaded the "fifth" in order not to go to the big house.

In additon, how can he state he is for the working class in beyond comprehension. He gutted the DCA and most envionmental regulatory boards in order to promote big business.

Regarding our public shcools, our Florida Lottery was sold to the public as a way to support our public schools. Apparently charter schools feel that are entitled to public shcool funding. Nowhere on the ballot did it read that private schools would receive these funds. This money grab by private companies hinders our pubic schools abilities without oversight. How's that working for the middle class?

Anonymous said...

Scott is not only a liar, but a lying corrupt individual whose money has bought him freedom and then the mansion so he can recoup his loses. he fools only the fools