Thursday, March 20, 2014

President Obama in Miami, Mid-Term elections on the horizon … by gimleteye

As President Obama arrives in Miami for a fund raiser, he -- and Democrats -- are wrestling with the question: how to manage outcomes in November, with the leadership of the US Senate at stake.

Democrats are re-assessing the result of the Congressional 13th election, returning the seat held for nearly sixty years to GOP candidate David Jolly. The dark money totals are not yet in, so it is hard to know how the money game worked. More than $12 million was spent on a race considered by the punditry to be a bellwether for the November elections. Declared funds were nearly evenly matched.

So what's the message for Democrats? They should not shy from the right wing message machinery targeting Obamacare. Democrats shouldn't run in fright. Hold up the metrics showing the United States trailing industrialized nations in health care performance. If conservative Democrat Alex Sink had vocally supported Obama's record instead of shying from it, would she have fared differently?

Democrats cannot know the answer to that question until the November elections, but if they remain intimidated by the Fox News juggernaut, they will sink too. If you are a Democratic candidate, stand with our President.


Anonymous said...

Sink did well considering the history of that district and a number of critical factors I discussed earlier. Could she have gotten the 3,000+ votes she needed to win had she marketed ACA? YES. ACA is doing fine, people who have it love it, and each day more an more people are signing up. It is just like social security, soon everyone will love it except the republicans.

President Obama needs to delegate others to pull his old election machine together to work on the midterm elections, and getting the wonderful stories out about ACA. You "always dance with those who bought you to the party". They could get up and running fairly quickly.

Basically the republicans have disqualified themselves from leading the country by their crazy impudent action of closing the government, and now facing another cold war, failing to stand with the President on his decisions to deal with the situation. There is a time for politics, and a time for governing and standing together as a nation. Because they can't understand that, they cannot be allowed to lead.

Anonymous said...

In order for Republicans to stand with Obama, he needs to make a substantive stand. Yes, then we need to pull together as a country and show some unity. Don't get me wrong, I want this President to succeed in handling this terrible thing. He appears to be making so pretty lousy decisions. Let's hope he has a game plan that works. If not, its going to be bad all the way around.

Anonymous said...

POTUS is coming to help fix this ongoing cluster f%$# with this County water and sewer procurement.


So close to the USA!

Anonymous said...

Yes,,,,,Metrics.....I got your Metrics right here. Everyone comes to the US to have major medical treatment. Look it up.