Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going Out of Business Ad? By Geniusofdespair

You would be wrong if that was your guess. This is a full page ad in the Miami Herald by big time political donors and charter school owners. Lincoln Marti schools are everywhere. By the ad you can see they want your vouchers badly. Wow, this is pretty disgusting in my view--it is written like a car ad. Luckily no one reads the Miami Herald anymore except older people without children in know, library types. I guess the infomercials at 5am will get the insomniacs. I wonder if anyone has seen, former student, William Bustamante's video? It is sad when he says: " I could have been something."

I read an article (I do not know the date maybe things are different now) about Charter Schools and it said about Lincoln Marti
Many of the highest rents are charged by landlords with ties to the management companies running the schools, The Miami Herald found. At least 56 charter schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties sit on land whose owners are tied to management companies, property records show.

For example, the Lincoln-Martí Charter School in Hialeah paid $744,000 in rent last year — about 25 percent of the school’s $3 million budget, even after the landlord reduced the rent by $153,000. The previous year, the school spent one-third of its income on rent, audit records show.

Records show the landlord, D.P. Real Estate Holdings, and the management company are run by the same man: former Miami-Dade School Board member Demetrio Perez Jr. Perez’s son, Demetrio J. Perez, works at the management company, which operates three Lincoln-Martí charter schools.

Real estate holders who acquire charter management firms in Florida and elsewhere are circulating money directly back into their own pockets.

Parents, all I ask is you do your homework, don't choose a school based on an ad.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln Marti Schools are owned by longtime political hack Demetrio Perez Jr. For 40 years now he has pushed his private schools on this community with the help of Spanish radio stations. These schools offer low level education and are more of a child care service than a learning institution. The large majority of students attending Lincoln Marti Schools are the children of newly arrived immigrants who understand little about our school system and are offered private education that of course, it's not paid by them but by the average taxpayer. The school bond program is just another scam to swindle taxpayers. Lincoln Marti Schools are just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I think the city of homestead gave them money.

Gouldite said...

Didn't they rent or buy a building in goulds from the goulds cra?

Anonymous said...

D Perez Sr is the most crooked politician in history.

Second only to Honey Boo Boo Bell

Scholar said...

Does anyone else remember when Demetrio J. Perez also ran for the school board and claimed he lived in tiny tool shed (aka Ted's Shed) as his official residence? I do.

Is there a more dishonest family in Miami?

Anonymous said...

How about Hearts and Minds in Coconut Grove? Owned by the sleazy lawyer who charges the school $800,000 in rent, which is $400,000 more than the market price. Manny Poch?

Anonymous said...

So is Perez getting a rent kick back?