Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Florida Republican calls on Republicans to stop their lying … by gimleteye

Former Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah was drummed out of public office by a last minute, dark money blitz by Big Sugar.

Why? Because he was a Republican who had the guts to stand up for citizens, taxpayers and voters outraged by the pollution of Florida's waterways. If I were to vote for a Republican to be the next governor of Florida, it would be Ray Judah.

Listen to a Republican call out the lies of Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican legislature, here. The first thing Commissioner Judah says to his audience: "Vote". He doesn't need to say, the rest.

The radicalization of the GOP in Florida is a tragedy that only Republican voters can address.


Anonymous said...

A longtime Republican in Florida talks crap about the "radicalization" of the party. Interesting. Yet when I mention this to several "leaders" within the party they all say "it's the liberal media that is making that up."

CATO said...

I agree some elements in the R party are radicalized and we had to endure 8 years of GWB and some4one should pay attention because the D party ignored their radical problem and we got 8 years of Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

If Ray Judah is truly sincere, which I believe so, in what he says than I thank him for his work and dedication. I just hope that he lives in a concrete bunker and is ready for the attack from all of the corrupt people that feel insecure or threatened by his comments and stance.