Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's wrong with America … by gimleteye

Interview Highlights: Mike Lofgren (via Moyers & Company)
Former GOP congressional analyst Mike Lofgren recently appeared on Moyers & Company to talk about America’s “Deep State,” in which elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. Below are highlight clips…

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this Moyer program "What's Wrong with America" to our attention.

As the old saying goes, all goverment is local or begins at the local level.

Developer influence in Miami is preventing our local goverments from functioining for the people.

One example costing Miami taxpayers 3-4 million dollars for every highrise condo building constructed:

It is because of developer influence in Miami and to a lesser extent in the County that we are making zero progress in creating more parks for the people while our population explodes. The developers want it that way and they get what they want. By saving on paying proper impact fees for parks, Jorge Perez can afford to give art and money to build a museum on the bay taking away precious park land.

He gets to expand his pilantropist image, but in reality he an other developers have gotten a nearly free ride because they have paid less than a third of what they should be paying for the creation of new parks. All of this is blessed by our elected followers with silance from the mainstream media.
Steve Hagen

An urgent message from
Steve Hagen, Miami Green Park Advocate

Dear Friends who I believe vote and or own property in the City of Miami. If you do not vote or own property in the City, please forward to some friends who do.

If you agree Miami leadership is not doing enough for Miami parks, then please take action. The time is now before our parks and water front are
totally leased away to private interests.

1) Take 30 seconds to sign a comprehensive petition named More Parks For Miami NOW at http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/more-parks-for-miami
PLEASE, if you live or own property in the City of Miami, sign with your physical address and email address. Note you may have signed a similar petition on other site, but please sign this one because the new web site does more for helping the cause than the previous site.

2) Take 30 more seconds to keep informed and add your comments by joining the Facebook GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/MoreParksForMiamiNow/

3) Lastly, take 30 seconds to copy and past this important email and send to at least ten friends who live or own property in the City of Miami.

If you think your action is not ncecessary, consider the following. Why do we have a shopping center on the bay called Bayside? Why do we have AA Arena on the bay which is inward looking? Why do we have three museums on the bay which are inward looking? Why do we have a Jungle attraction
on Watson Island that can not afford to pay rent? Why are we about to have a banquet hall (potential casino) with massive parking structure on the bay in Coconut Grove? Why do we not have proper water access to our bayfront in Miami backed up with great green landscaping? Why has Virginia Key sat for decades without residents being able to fully access the water? Why do we have the Joe Carollo ordinance to protect our waterfront lands, but our leaders use various scams to get around the ordinance? Why?