Monday, February 24, 2014

What is this ECO up to - I need readers to solve this. Follow the money.... By Geniusofdespair

It sounds like Gimleteye and I wrote the same post! You can't do the money trail, it is too tedious...too convoluted as both of us have illustrated today.

Juan Carlos Planas is the Chairman of this ECO that helped Gimenez, People for Truth and Integrity.  Looks like they might have helped Mark Bell. I only say that because Wayne Rosen is there as a contributor. All the following (below) are connected to this one above. (Hit read more for a longer list of contributors.) Is this now Lynda Bell's other PAC? Don't know.

Note the $10,000 from Voter Interest Group. Look where their money came from. This is Homestead --Look at Dade Medical College. I would say this was for Bateman but he is a Democrat. Who was the only Republican in this non-partisan campaign?

Better Florida Leadership Coalition also gave (below). Now I have to admit I am baffled on what this is about. I am relying on you readers. Solve this. Who was running in November that was so important to so many?

I couldn't find Florida Leader Council anywhere except this old one on Open Secrets.  It doesn't show up in google.

Wayne Huizenga was the major donor in 2004.


Anonymous said...

Matt Greer is/was the Carlyle Group who is/was under federal investigation. Nice that he has $12K earned from all the tax dollars supposedly used for the affordable housing, mainly in Edmonsons District. I would assume he's a Dem because of his parents Bruce & Evelyn but could be wrong.....This is a very weird report by the way. It gets five stars for who/what it's supporting not being transparent at all.

Anonymous said...

On the itemized expenditures, there are three payments made to The Campaign Superstore. This is a business run by Charles Safdie, a close ally and collaborator of Al Lorenzo in past North Miami Beach elections. Do not forget that J.C. Planas was an attorney for Commissioner Esteban Bovo's assistant, the one that stockpiled absentee ballots in his county office.

Anonymous said...

Planas is also attorney for the absentee ballots collected for Bell.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Safdie is aligned with Wayne Rosen. Rosen's $10,000 contribution nearly matches Safdie's expenses.

My guess, given the dates of Safdie's expenses, is that the ECO was working on Mark Bell's unsuccessful campaign in Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Matt Greer? That is the dude who spent $350,000 per unit building "affordable housing". $350,000 of the taxpayers money got diverted to "storing poor people in vertical warehouses".
Shouldn't affordable housing cost $75,000 -$125,000? Not $350,000? Federal agents still investigating that scam?

Anonymous said...

With this grouping, there's a good chance you find a breadcrumb trail leading to North Miami and North Miami Beach.

Geniusofdespair said...

No Swerdlow.

Anonymous said...

Some political vendors are paid not to work for specific campaigns.