Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Measuring the public: elections today in South Miami, Fukushima radiation and The Best Place For David Beckham's Soccer Stadium … by gimleteye

The South Miami municipal election is today. Thankfully. FPL is the 600 lb. gorilla in the race. The leviathan is constantly pushing its plans for a new nuclear power plant at sea level and, specific to South Florida municipalities, its goal to put overhead high voltage power lines along US 1 to move its excess power to markets far north. On that issue, the governor and cabinet will be meeting soon in Tallahassee. Public perceptions count.

Recently FPL did a push poll to measure public attitudes in South Miami environs. It followed a series of TV commercials that might as well have had children running through a field of daisies, laughing and dancing, with a nuclear cooling tower in the background. FPL then gauged the effects of its charm offensive with consumers. That's what big power companies do. So much money to go around.

The same was true in Japan where TEPCO persuaded Japanese that its Fukushima power plant was invulnerable. The latest news, years after the massive earthquake shattered the world's confidence in nuclear safety: radiation leaks in one of its reactors were up to FIVE TIMES higher than reported last year. "The Japanese company has already apologized for the failures, which they said were a result of the malfunctioning of measuring equipment." Apologies, not accepted.

Here is a question for Eye On Miami readers (since Miami Herald readers aren't being asked): how much measuring is the U.S. government doing today on the flow of radiation into the waters of the United States on the west coast? While the drums roll, how about another measurement: what is your best idea to locate David Beckham's major league soccer franchise.

I like the idea of building the stadium in Sweetwater, and paying for the stadium with fees from taxi cabs. Put David Beckham's face on the side of every taxi in Miami-Dade with soccer ball images on the hubcaps.

How much measurement is the U.S. government doing on the impacts of radiation from Fukushima to west coast waters? None. According to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, “No U.S. government or international agency is monitoring the spread of low levels of radiation from Fukushima along the West Coast of North America and around the Hawaiian Islands."

And for the official record, FPL states it is not involved in today's South Miami elections.


Anonymous said...

The deed that turned Dodge Island over to the County has restrictions including, among others, that the property be used for a seaport- NO exceptions. The property will revert to the City if deed restrictions are violated. This is no small issue.

100panthers said...

I was hanging out at Turkey Point and I heard FPL employees singing this old Beatles song:

"What would you think if I sang out a false tune,
Would you stand up and vote out Stoddard for me.
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a ‘Swiftboat' song,
And I'll try not to sing out the source of the lucre.
Oh I get by with a little help from my donor friends,
Mmm,I get high voltage lines with a little help from my friends,
Mmm, I'm gonna ‘Swiftboat’ Stoddard with a little help from my friends."

Anonymous said...

They should put the stadium on my head to cover my bald spot.

Anonymous said...

How about a stadium suspended above Golden Glades interchange. It would be a signature structure and put Miami on the map. Since traffic could t get worse, people could park on the shoulder of 95 and walk to the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Put the stadium on Commissioner Welsh's head to cover his bald spot.

Ross said...

Mayor Stoddard and Commissioner Harris have been re-elected. http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/11/3928733/south-miami-mayor-commissioner.html

Pat said...

Ding Dong the witch is gone! Goodbye Valerie Newman! See you at the cash register at the back store, you pathetic bully!

Anonymous said...

For the soccer stadium, I am torn between Gables Estates and Cocoplum

Anonymous said...

South Miami just kicked FPL's ass back to Juno Beach.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion 4 years ago Brad Cassel was Feliu's plant in the Stoddard Campaign. In My opinion two years ago Donna Shelley was Josh Liebman's plant in the Sally Plillips campaign. This year Del Travis was Feliu's plant in the Stoddard campaign, only until he was spotted riding in a Feliu van with Feliu signs. apparently all the breaks broke Stoddard's way this election.

Anonymous said...

77 percent of the ballots cast said NO to Valerie Newman...

Anonymous said...

South Miami Election: Vote Smart to support South Miami Grey Ghosts Soccer Club
Help spread the word to all South Miami residents!

View this email in your browser

Live in South Miami or know someone who does?
The 2014 South Miami election for Mayor and commission seats is Tuesday, February 11th (Early
voting begins tomorrow 2/8) and we need South Miami residents to Vote Smart! Vote for those candidates who support what we're trying to build at the South Miami Grey Ghosts Soccer Club. This election will make a difference in whether or not the club and South Miami Park thrive. Check out the
information below to help South Miami residents make their choices. Then get folks to the polls!

The following seats are up for re-election:
Mayor :
Philip K. Stoddard (current mayor, running to retain his seat)
Voted against SMGGSC even after they won the bid to run the program at South Miami Park
Does not support fair and open contract negations with SMGGSC
Not on record supporting improvements to South Miami Park

Valerie Newman (currently Commissioner, running for mayor)
Voted for SMGGSC after they won the bid to run the program at South Miami Park
On record supporting fair and open contract negations with SMGGSC
On record supporting improvements to South Miami Park

Walter A. Harris (running to retain his seat)
Voted against SMGGSC even after they won the bid to run the program at South Miami Park
Does not support fair and open contract negations with SMGGSC
Not on record supporting improvements to South Miami Park

Horace G. Feliu (running for seat currently held by Commissioner Walter A. Harris)
On record supporting fair and open contract negations with SMGGSC
On record supporting improvements to South Miami Park.

Anonymous said...

Put the soccer stadium at Miami International Airport, it will fit nicely in the mishmash

Anonymous said...

I think we should put the parking for the stadium at Coco Plum and provide trolley service. Oh, wait, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Does Newman lose her commissioner seat? She is a disgusting bully.

J said...

Newman is gone for good. Good riddance. She was a nightmare for all. Stoddard would have beaten her handily without manufacturing FPL as the straw man he was running against.

Everybody here knew that the FPL stuff was nonsense. Not sure if the anti-FPL stuff was deliberate deception. My friends think Stoddard is genuine just paranoid.

Anonymous said...

I like the Midtown location for a soccer stadium although Beckham and oartners will have to give some of their equity in order to make the #'s work. The current owners are not going to give it away. A well-designed stadium wrapped with a parking garage that can generate revenue from the local demand when games are not being played, along with residential townhouse units and retail at street level. They could incorporate a FEC Rail station into the design to address the public transport concerns (and connect to the Broward/Palm Beach fans) and the project would becomes a hub that bridges the Midtown area with Edgewater. Perfect solution for a private for-profit enterprise. Walmart paid 8 mil for their land and Beckham et al can afford to pay for his land also.

Anonymous said...

What Midtown location? The last vacant lot within the 55 acre Midtown RDA site just sold to Walmart for $8.2 Mil. The site was sold by a company from Ohio. Walmart plans to build a 200,000+ Walmart Super Center on that small site. An Appeal has been filed by local residents and local business owners who oppose the stupidity of the City granting an approval.

Anonymous said...

Walmart bought a 4.6 acre site at 3055 N Miami Av for $8.2 mil. There are an additional 14 acres of vacant land that are owned/controlled by Midtown Opportunities et. al. A portion of this vacant land in on the east side of the FEC rail line but could be incorporated into the site.

Donna Shelley said...

I would like to correct the assertion by "Anonymous" that I was Josh Liebman's plant in Sally Philips' campaign. Dr. Philips hired me to write campaign material for her (I am a writer by profession). I did not know Josh Liebman when I was contracted to write for her campaign and did not get to know him until AFTER his election to office. This is a fact that seems to be unknown to the person who posted this incorrect assumption (too bad he or she doesn't have the decency to identify him/herself). The poster of this misinformation should know that I supported Sally when others told me that if she were elected she would be a rubber stamp for Philip Stoddard--which I vehemently denied. Oh well...