Friday, February 07, 2014

Mark Bell's Financial Disclosure Has Some Problems. By Geniusofdespair

These are highly paid campaign workers on Mark Bell's Campaign report. Mark Bell ran for Mayor and lost, even with all Lynda Bell's help and it appears, money from her ECO.

I noted that the addresses were hand-written on the report so I did some research on the two highest paid workers.

I called the phone number of the owner of the home at 12515 SW 263 Terrace. They had no idea who Eunice Francois was.  The home is owned by someone named Camilien.

I looked up the address of Jean Bataulle on the Property Appraisers website. There was no such address as 9472 SW 226 Terrace, Cutler Bay.  Are both of these fake addresses for these people or do these people not exist?

From the Property Appraiser's website.

I hit on the houses on the block in question and the number given didn't come up.

I am assuming MON - as in Money - on the report does not mean cash as that would be illegal. Phoney addresses are illegal too.

I also question the $1,070.41 paid to Mark Bell's own restaurant. I think this should be an in-kind campaign contribution from someone else who paid the place.

It is not often you can get your mortgage company to make a donation.


Ross said...

An "Evince Francois" at the Eunice Francois address shows up on a first quarter campaign report --- as a contributor to Bell's opponent Dr. Sewell.

Anonymous said...

Big bucks being paid out by Homestead's local goober. Castillo needs a look also how much was he paid?

Anonymous said...

How can we get someone in elections to investigate? It would be easy enough getting copies of the cancelled checks which had to be cashed somewhere and trace them from where they were cashed to the person who cashed them. That's a lot of money to give out but it's free money from campaign donors kind of like his wife's spending of our tax dollars. It's not coming out of there wallet so they can basically do what they want until.....Hopefully the until will be the feds because we have no state attorney in Miami Dade County.

Anonymous said...

Click on the link for the full report.

Green Point group is Castillo. The Whistle Stop is Mark's restaurant inside the Redland Hotel. Is that legal? He does own the place, shouldn't that be disclosed somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Odd, there must be some glitch with the site. When I looked it up I found a Jean M. Bataille at 9472 SW 226th Terrace. The spelling of her last name is off but it did show the address existed.

Anonymous said...

I did a public records search through the clerks office online and can only find one mortgage note with Redinn Mortgage and that's Mark Bell's hotel under the name of 5 S. Flagler Ave. in the amount of $225,000.

What's interesting is they were dissolved then reinstated a few months later:

Document Number L12000022199
Date Filed 02/15/2012
Effective Date 02/15/2012
Status Active

Event Type Filed Date Effective Date Description

Geniusofdespair said...

Note the name:

Red Inn

Also look at the link below it I provided.

Anonymous said...

I guess the mortgage issue has been beaten to death! I did click on your link and glanced at the comments!

So, the Hotel may or may not be paying the mortgage because we are not privy to the financials of a company where the person, Wendy Lobos along with Mark Bell, who is part of that corporation who is the mortgagee is also the head of an ECO supporting the Bells.

At least now they can write a $1000 check to the Bell campaign and/or a much bigger check to the ECO which is perfectly legal because that's how we roll in Florida.

I'd really like to know the revenue side of Redinn Mortgage, but again, the laws in Florida are just great for hiding that from the public because it's a private company!


I'm assuming there will be much fun in Palmetto Bay with Dubois and his check book at their local elections.

Anonymous said...

This campaign report is a case study of How To Lose An Election For Dummies. $125,000 plus numerous PAC, ECO and CCE funding just flushed right down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the restaurant charges. In this case the candidate is determining the cost which can go either way. Mark Bell can pay himself more or take advantage of at cost pricing other candidates could not.
Miami politics always presents new ethics issues.

Anonymous said...

REDINN Mortgage, the gift that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was able to find Bataille in the voter file and he is registered at the address from the report. He's a Democrat, only been registered since May 2012, only voted in the general that year. As for Francois, I couldn't find anyone with that EXACT name, but I did find a Eurydice Francois in Biscayne Park, definitely not Homestead.

Anonymous said...

The Bell's recruiting democrats is noteworthy little wonder why it cost $5,000.

Anonymous said...

Forget all the hyperbole. Mark and Lynda Bell are simply bad people. Bad to the core.

Anonymous said...

The Bell's clearly have a paid absentee/early program. If you know some statistics, I would suggest doing a regression comparing Lynda Bell's 2010 Primary results by precinct with the VWV ethnicities by precinct. You will find that there is a strong POSITIVE correlation between the number of African American votes cast and the number of votes Lynda Bell received. She started this bullshit in 2010, used it again with her husband (without much luck & a little bad press, if you recall), and will most certainly try it again this year during her re-election campaign.

Anonymous said...

It sounds corrupt to me. Carlito Gimenez is probably involved as well

Anonymous said...

I agree but the good thing is that we will rid ourselves from this nasty, trailer trash (sorry I just insulted trailer trash people) Lynda Bell in a few short months

Anonymous said...

According to Zillow, the house at 9472 SW 226 terrace, Cutler Bay has been foreclosed.