Thursday, February 13, 2014

Malcolm Gladwell on Miami Beach … by gimleteye

Having lunch on Miami Beach, there he was: Malcolm Gladwell. I took this to be auspicious and went over to say hi. "Malcolm, I just wanted to say I love your work. I especially liked your lecture on Youtube, "How much proof is enough", and reposted it on our blog." He looked uncomfortable; not annoyed but I could read his mind, wondering 1) will I be able to finish his lunch and read in peace or 2) would this encounter to turn into a famous writer's version of hell. I mercifully said my piece and then quickly, goodbye. In honor of this fortuitous siting, here again is Gladwell's lecture at the University of Pennsylvania. If you haven't watched, I highly recommend it. You can skip through the introduction, but I hope you will listen carefully to what he is meaning, and not necessarily just the topics he is speaking about. (Oh and don't forget the photo taken yesterday of one South Miami resident who had his own way of expressing on the same topic. That resident is also a city commissioner in South Miami. Talk about: how much proof is enough? :))


Anonymous said...

Causing a dangerous distraction to vehicular traffic?
Did that Lawmaker pull a permit to be stationary on that public property? Permit number?
Above the law....

100panthers said...

Anonymous above reads like a post by the Egyptian military!

The first Amendment came first for a reason. This is protected speech in this country....Comrade.

"dangerous distraction"...not all the people holding solicitations along roads, not all the Billboards, not all the texting and calls while driving, not all people standing in the middle of the street between cars selling stuff or chose this expression of political free speech attacking FPL to complain about....LOL.

See you at Jorge Lopez' birthday party, Anonymous!