Thursday, February 27, 2014

Justin Bieber Video, I don't see any wobbling. By Geniusofdespair

I would have fell down sober doing this test over and over.  Someone took down the video looking for another the meantime here it is.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that is important is the officers dash cam video. Which is not available because the troubled officer and troubled department does not want to purchase and install them. Go figure.

Retired po said...

I think the caution with which he takes each step is the issue. He also swings a foot sort of ackwardly in front of another. Folks under the influence will slow down and attempt to control their driving by concentration, in spite of fading into other lanes.... Of course, cell phone chats and texting while driving result in similar actions.

If you were doing the test sober, you would not be acting like you were on a tight rope.

Anonymous said...

most of the wobbling is between the 1:10-1:20 times.

But I hope they also investigate the officer who took out his phone at around the 1:00 mark and see what he was doing.

Anonymous said...

Love the red shoes!!