Sunday, February 09, 2014

Ethics Commission Rebuttal to Dusty Melton. By Geniusofdespair

The Ethics Department (it wasn't from the commission but from staff) sent me a rebuttal to Dusty Melton's criticism of the Ethics Department.

Since Ethics did not give me an opportunity to comment/question on ethics investigations that originated from this blog, I am not thrilled to give them the opportunity. They don't give me an opportunity to respond before they issue opinions. I told them if the rebuttal came directly from Joe Centorino head of ethics I would print it. And then I would have to print a second rebuttal from Dusty (this could go on for a long time).  Anyway, I think it is dead in the water over here at Eye on Miami as I haven't gotten anything from Joe. It is still going on at Miami Today. They printed the rebuttal or are debating it. That is what happens when you deal with a real newspaper. They don't hold grudges.

Does the Commission itself even care what their staff does?


Anonymous said...

you should print it just for laughs.

Anonymous said...

I would not hold my breath on a response. Joe Centorino cannot offer an opinion on any subject unless it is approved by State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle. It was Fernandez-Rundle who gave him the Ethics job and as such, he is politically accountable to Rundle for any investigation his office initiates. He is not known as "Let 'em go Joe" for just any reason.