Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't know if this is the WHOLE class action suit against U.S. Century Bank. By Geniusofdespair

Anyway, this part is dismissed - DIRECT  CLAIMS. Sounds like the whole thing is gone. It is funny to see Juan Herran suing his buddies.

Looks like it is being appealed according to 11/06/13 docket (below).  Jesus Tome is the class action name. There was a change of Counsel since (2/4/2014 and a Stipulation same day).


Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems like Sergito Pino finally had to hire an attorney. For years, everytime Sergito's name came up in a corruption investigation which required him to give a formal statwment at our State Attorney's Office, he would always go by to see Kathy (Rundle) first. He'd arrive late, without an attorney representing him, and throw it in everyone's face that he had stopped by to see "Kathy."

Gee, I wonder if he was being prepped... The arrogance of this corrupt little man. Te van a pasar la cuenta un dia de estos Sergito. The back door shady deals will catch up. The dealings with Penelas, former County commissioners, your scam with the Host Marriott Minority Business contract at the airport (MIA).

Anonymous said...

Amazing that they all got away with it. Hundreds of millions from the FDIC, hundreds of millions from the airport, hundreds millions from land rezoning from the commission. It just shows that some can get away with whatever they want. It is really more like Russia in Miami from the politicians to the judges to the prosecutors. There are rules and procedures but they are for the little people not people like Pino.