Wednesday, February 12, 2014

County Commission ECO and PAC's. By Geniusofdespair

This is in ADDITION to the County Commissioners campaign accounts.

ECO Miami Dade County Working For You has $136,950 in it. It is Sally Heyman.

ECO Alliance for a Better Community has $76,950.00 in it. Jean Monestime.

ECO Good Government Now was Lynda Bell has $55,000 but it hasn't been taking in any money for months. I think she has another one.

ECO We the People has an alarming $210,950 in it. Julio Robaina gave to this PAC. Wayne Rosen gave. It could be Lynda or Rebeca. Since it started 4/17/2013 it could be Bell. The filing documents don't tell us much. They are signed by Carlos M. Trueba in Doral. Could even be Pepe Diaz.

Anyone have a clue? Anyone know Lynda Bell's ECO or PAC?


Anonymous said...

It's typical for PACs and super PACs (ECO) to hide behind ridiculously patriotic and civic minded names. It would figure that the commissioner from district 8 would name a super PAC a near version of her predecessor's current business. That shows a severe lack of self esteem - trolling for dollars from those that think they are supporting a Katy initiative? Katy Sorenson's Good Government Initiative is an upright program to cultivate integrity and ethics in government. Good Government Now sounds like a dark pit.

Mary Thomas said...

Sorry i don't know exactly but i will try to find out the way you are getting in it. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Which Julio Robaina? The soon to be convicted felon Robaina of Hialeah?