Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Daniella Levine Cava's Kick-off To Her Campaign Against County Commissioner Lynda Bell. By Geniusofdespair

Get in touch with campaign 
The crowd came out to hear Daniella Levine Cava launch her campaign yesterday in Cutler Bay.

Ava Gardner "The Cornbread Dressing Queen", Annette Taddeo and Lois Jones (Former Aide to Lynda Bell)
Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner

Pat Mallerson, Daniella and Marlon Hill in the center. Damian Gregory is the fellow on the right.
Katy Sorenson introduces Daniella Levine Cava.

Former Principal Rosemary Fuller with Former County Commissioner in District 8, Katy Sorenson.

The Levine-Cava Family

Folks from the Redland braved the weather and the trip to support Daniella.  Dewey and Lee Steele active in the Tropical Fruit Growers; Daniella; Sidney Robinson (rear), who grows the finest Avocados, and Arlene Samilion is next to Daniella.

If you have something nasty to say about individuals, don't bother. I will remove you, this was a happy occasion.


Anonymous said...

I despise Bell as much as the next person should BUT with the exception of the Cava family and Sorensen, these photos show a rogues gallery of partisianship, race based politics and vindictiveness toward Bell, such as Rosemary Fuller, Lois Jones and the other lady from Homestead who lost the large building on Washington Ave and who worked hard to get Bateman elected. Note to candidate: your supporters and advisors need to be more objective and not primarily on a mission to destroy. ( although in the case of LB, I fully understand.

Geniusofdespair said...

It was who I chose to take photos of from the crowd. These are people I KNOW. Do you think the Redland people have an axe to grind? Is everyone who supports Daniella vindictive against Bell? Thank you for your partisan and vindictive comment against Daniella's supporters. Obviously everyone here likes Daniella better than Lynda or they wouldn't be here. And some of them REALLY, REALLY, DISLIKE HER. Most of those I know well.

Anonymous said...

Genius, Bell did nothing when they tried to put a dump in the middle of Redland outside the UDB. Bell has been a vehement supporter of the 8 1/2 sq. mile (pena) group of law breakers building without permits and too many dead animals found within that area at the edge of the everglades not even going in to the environmental damange/flooding problems, Bell approved rock mining for Cemex (shoma homes) on Krome pissing off West Kendall and Redland and so many other. Bell is no friend to Redland or our community in general. She may be friends with some farmers in Redland/Homestead who want land use changes to increase the value of their land and stop farming but those owners don't even live in Dist. 8.

But, back to Daniella. I have 100% confidence she will beat Bell and by a lot more then people think. District 8 is unique in it's varying interests. I believe by looking at these photo's she's reached out to a lot of different groups. The irony of it all, is my all time favorite commissioner Katy Sorensen, has literally been redistricted out of a community she represented for 16 years. If nothing else, that speak more about Bell's vindictiveness then her past three years trying to undue all the things Commissioner Sorenson put in to place for our community.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Commissioner Lynda Bell is visiting the Assisted Living Facilities to happy times. All ALF's be careful that later she might introduce legislation to close your facility and move your patients and clients to the Cutler Bay ALF. Lynda named after her mother. After all that's a big building and will need plenty residents.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the mayors are unwilling and afraid because Bell has retaliated and showed vindictiveness against the voters and citizens in District 8. Lynda Bell will not hesitate to not support the mayors. Its obvious to me she has threated them with projects she will not support if they show any signs of supporting her opponent. Lynda Bell is scary.

January 08, 2014

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't quote other blogs I don't like.

Youbetcha' said...

It was a very warm (and huggy) cold day in South Miami Dade county. Lots of hugs and lots of folks visiting the event from the North end of the county. Great Time!

Anonymous said...

To the few anon's above, I have to disagree about the Mayor's. I don't think anyone is afraid of Bell. I think they wanted to step aside. which is appropriate. It wasn't not appropriate for Gimenez to hold a fund raiser for Bell (EOM wrote about this). I applaud our local Mayors in the District for waiting to see if there's going to be anyone else running. We still live in a democracy this close to the US in District 8, well, sometimes we do. I think the local mayors were paying attention and being respectful of the process.

Daniella is a great candidate but she may or may not have competition. It's way too early to know if someone else is going to step up. I would find it hysterical if someone else did and Bell didn't make it through a run off.

In any event, it was a great turn out yesterday. I was there. A good time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

More "Book Lovers for Daniella" signs are needed!!! They ran out.

Anonymous said...

Please implore Daniella to NOT visit El Rey De Jesus for a photo op. If she does, I'm out. Otherwise, I'm behind her 100%.

Anonymous said...

Word is that Natacha Seijas recruited Daniella Levine Cava to run against Bell. She even took her to all of the unions to get their support. What a delicious bit of irony this is: Eye On Miami is supporting Natacha Seijas' candidate. Politics does make strange bedfellows in Miami-Dade.

Geniusofdespair said...

First: Cindy Lerner recruited Daniella. Second: Natacha got Lynda elected and appears to be sorry for that now. They just met together.
I wonder how that went. I can just picture Lynda pleading with her.

Natacha was very involved in Social issues, probably the only thing she was good at, and so was Daniella. That is how they met.

As for Eye on Miami and Natacha: I hold no grudges as I think her Karma return was bad enough. She had her district turn against her after all she did for them. She also tragically lost a son. I don't think she needs to be punished by me. She is not on my radar anymore.

Anonymous said...

You can't be talking about the Natasha who never met a rock miner, developer, union lobbiest, taxpayer-funded travel junket, taxpayer-funded stadium, she didn't love-- or the Natasha who threatened to send Commission Chairwoman Margolis out in a body bag?