Monday, December 02, 2013

Will Sweetwater's Marono rat out County Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz? … by gimleteye

From the Miami Herald today: "“What I’m concerned about is the residents of Sweetwater,” said former Sweetwater mayor and current Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz, who declined to talk about his problematic protégé, the convicted ex-mayor, or the city’s embattled police department."

Pepe Diaz is so far untarnished by the Sweetwater corruption scandals. What the Herald ought to mention -- but doesn't -- is that Sweetwater is an area at the edge of the Everglades, exactly where flooding occurs. Sweetwater, famous for advocating flood control measures that dry out the Everglades, instead has a flood issue of its own: political corruption.

Never mind taxi cabs or tow trucks: if the feds want to know where the big corruption in South Florida is, follow the flood control money.

Diaz has skipped past federal investigations (Sergio Pino, the Caribbean yacht, Miami-Dade zoning decisions) and so far has not been implicated in the Sweetwater corruption scandals. What does Marono have on Pepe Diaz? That would be an interesting question to answer.


Anonymous said...

Also, while mayor of Sweetwater, Diaz got a free Stomach operation to reduce his weight from a health provider he contracted with for the city, as county commissioner his travel junket scheme was uncovered when fraudulent reports were revealed, the DeCespedes crooks gave him a no-show job and publicly stated something along the lines: wouldn't you rather he be employed by us than take bribes? Not to mention his subcontracting business where airport contractors were required to hire this sub to do renovations for businesses at the airport. These are the known indiscretions. Imagine what is hidden. A complete scumb..

Anonymous said...

Pepe Diaz makes your Linda Bell look like a saint.

Anonymous said...

Pepe Diaz has managed to skate the Fed's. I'd be looking back in to that Sweetwater flood control $$$ too, along with Steve Shiver & the Andrew $$ and so many more elected's using tax dollars, unaccounted for and brushed under the rug by the KFR statute of limitations passes!

The Fed's are the worst offenders with our Tax dollars - they couldn't have hired MIT students and went to a government contractor for the Obamacare website? Not even mentioning the billions of dollars on defense. This is small change which is why they don't go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Afraid you are right. Ours is not a functioning democracy.