Friday, December 20, 2013

Rebeca Sosa's Agenda Item to combat the Hole in the Donut. By Geniusofdespair

There are many instances of hole in the donut parcels that get put within the UDB simply because they are surrounded by properties that were recently put within in the Urban Development Boundary (UDB). Rebeca Sosa has proposed not creating these orphan parcels anymore:

a)    Applications requesting amendment to the Urban Development Boundary (UDB) or to the Urban Expansion Area (UEA) boundary depicted on the Land Use Plan map, or to the land use classification of land located outside of said Urban Development Boundary may be filed only during the May period in odd-numbered years. The Director of the Department may also file applications requesting amendments to the UDB, UEA or to the land use classification of land located outside of said UDB for processing during either the May or November period following the adoption of an evaluation and appraisal report, provided that the amendments proposed in said applications are suggested in the adopted evaluation and appraisal report. >>It is provided, however, that no application to expand the area within the UDB shall be adopted where such application would result in an area of land outside of the UDB being more than seventy-five percent (75%) surrounded by land that is within the UDB.<<  (bold to be added.)

It was adopted on first reading. It goes to the Land Use Committee on January 16th.


Anonymous said...

Expect her to oppose this when it comes for a final vote. Consistency is not her forte.

Anonymous said...

For those who speak or understand Spanish, you may have heard Commissioner Rebeca Sosa on Radio Mambi (710 am) last night. Sosa was a guest speaker on Martha Flores' show. If you think this is unimportant, you are not aware of the game. Martha Flores is an absentee ballot broker for a long list of politicians who trek in and out of her show every night. The game played by Flores is common in Cuban exile radio were radio personalities such as Matias Farias and others get paid "under the table" to support or denounce political candidates. Consider it a "Cuban pay-o-la". If you think this is unimportant, think again, by pledging support for the older Cuban generation, Flores sways thousands of votes for politicians who are willing to pay. With voting percentage down to 17%, our elected offials are being chosen in most part by an older generation, most often disassociated or lacking the knowledge of our community's necessities. The generation of senior citizens who are cajoled for their vote with the promise of free housing and a hot lunch at a senior center are willing to sell their vote with little care. Neither Flores, Farias, Armando Perez-Roura or orhers pays taxes for the money they collect from politicians. Time for the IRS to move in and stop the practice.

Anonymous said...

How about another hole in the donut?

In addition, the property could be transformed into a marine-based business, such as boat maintenance, storage or commercial business.