Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Predictions for the future. By Geniusofdespair

• Lynda Bell will lose her District 8 County Commission seat in a close election. She will lose the key to her fence and find herself locked in her house. She will miss the last 4 days of campaigning and ringing that annoying bell at the polls. Her absence will make the difference. She will lose by 362 votes.

• Frank Carollo will run for Mayor of the City of Miami...and win. He will hire his brother to manage the city.
• Erik Fresen will finally lose his State Representative seat. It will be because his dentist puts the wrong mixture on his teeth and they lose their ultra-white sparkle (the only reason he could possibly win in the first place).
• Charlie Crist will hire Erik Fresen's dentist, who actually is a Democrat, and end up becoming Governor.

• Rebeca Sosa will run for County Mayor as will Xavier Suarez. They will have a  sing-off to see who bows out.

•  Eye on Miami will make a lot of money from that NEW DONATE button on the right of your screen or retire. That is a veiled threat. Ron Book, how about a few thousand? Genting? All our friends at the LBA and U.S. Century? The Knight Foundation? The money is rolling in already!! Thank God for Christmas present guilt. I think Carlos Gimenez has donated...not really sure. Go find that button guys!

Any predictions of your own?


Anonymous said...

Dorrin Rolle will win his seat on the dias again after low turn out among Haitian voters sink Jean Monestime.

Anonymous said...

Who is running against lynda bell ??????

Anonymous said...

Genius, from your mouth to God's ears in regard to Bell! Rivas Logan would have a great chance to beat her. I hope she files and soon. She can beat Bell hands down. Bell is just a toxic piece of trailer trash and needs to go.

1st anon, you almost have me heart failure! I'm going to try to erase your prediction from my brain. We have enough bad apples on the BCC!

The X man definitely against Gimenenz. Sosa? not so sure on that one.

Crist will beat Scott. A hamster will beat Scott but I'd love to see him burn through his own money again.

Anonymous said...

Mark Bell will run against Lynda Bell for the District 8 County Commission seat as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Judy Waldman will file against Lynda and hire Steve Shiver as her Chief of Staff!

Anonymous said...

Steve Shriver? Can somebody please tell me why that poor excuse of a human being is raising his ugly head again?

I cannot think of anyone despised more than Lynda Bell as Shriver is...maybe they are evenly despised.

I heard the Homestead Council voted for him to revive the bowling alley? Are these people crazy?

We got rid of Bateman, why would anyone want Shriver back who was just as corrupt as Bateman? This man has no shame.

Thank God Mayor Porter voted against it...I knew I voted right when I chose him for mayor!

Thank you Mayor! So far you have voted 100% right.

Anonymous said...

As for donations, some people like reading what you have to say, if only to raise their blood pressure in the morning. Getting them to pay for it is another matter. And expecting Ron Book, a frequent target of this blog to chip is as likely as Natacha Seijas, JC Planas, Miguel De Grandy, and Steve Shiver holding a fundraiser for you. Don't hold your breath. If you do, my prediction is that you will pass out.

Anonymous said...

In order to beat Bell the candidates will have to wage a smarter campaign than Gene Flinn did in 2010. Bell is attempting to make nice with the voters in her District. She has thrown Christmas parties at all of the senior living apartments in District 8, trying to garner the abuelita vote. Her nightmare is an Hispanic woman opponent. However, if she loses, expect that Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John DuBois, who holds the promissory note on the mortgage on Mark Bell's hotel, to foreclose on it.

Geniusofdespair said...

You really think that any of those that I mentioned I expect to give? I am not that nutty. Humor. Try to recognize it.

Pat said...

Steve Shiver is probably going mental after seeing a commenter not only trash him, but also call him "Shriver." LOL!

Anonymous said...

For the few readers on this blog who don't know who Shiver is:


The fact that anyone in Homestead is dealing with him is worrisome in itself. His biggest claim to fame was bringing Lynda Bell to the Homestead Council. And, Porter didn't vote against Shiver, he recused himself. Something else Bateman was charged with a crime for doing on another issue. So, should Porter be arrested too? That's rhetorical but it's the same situation and a stupid charge to begin with.

In any event, the Bell clan gives me a headache and the ties run deep to Shiver and his nonsense in Homestead. Bell is very vulnerable and can easily lose. Flinn lost by AB ballots. He won at the polls. Whoever end up filing better get their walking shoes on and become a frequent flyer to to speak at the senior centers where Bell is camping out.

Anonymous said...

As to the signing contest, if Rolle beats Monestine the ante is upped. Anyone remember his seranade to Arsht when she pledge her check book to finish the performing arts center?

Sosa will beat the X man but Rolle could beat them both! Maybe Simon Cowell could judge?

Geniusofdespair said...

No I missed that Rolle song. Damn maybe it is on You Tube. I see he is having trouble raising money that's good.

Anonymous said...

About Ana Rivas Logan: are you all insane?! Have you ever spoken with the woman? She is D. U. M. B.
I was surprised to hear the comments she made about every subject. She is the definition or an airhead.

About XS and Sosa: no doubt Sosa has the elderly voters, especially the "comedores". But she knows better than to run against X.
1. Her English is very limited
2. Her accent is horrendous.
3. Although not as dumb as Rivas-Logan, she is quite dumb. She's had a couple of savvy handlers, but try to listen to her on Spanish radio and you won't believe your ears.

Anonymous said...

FYI Porter did not vote because of a possible conflict of interest. I give him credit for that however it means he possibly doing business with Shiver just as I predicted earlier in this blog.

Maria said...

I predict that this is the year that Xavier Suarez will wake up and realize that the Board of County Commissioners has the authority to create policies for county hiring and salaries.

For example, the commissioners can force Gimenez to hire all county employees through a competitive selection process, including Department Directors and Deputy Mayors. Since Gimenez became Mayor, not one senior county executive has been selected through a genuine competitive process.

The commissioners can also cap salaries and reform pay ranges that are completely outside of local and national norms.

The commissioners can also end the practice of paying excessive vacation pay, UNLIMITED holiday pay, and UNLIMITED sick pay to employees who leaves the county at their highest hourly pay rate. Some county retirees have cashed out their leave allowances for over 1/2 million dollars in addition to their pensions. No organization in the world is following that fiscally irresponsible practice.


Perez said...

I am a Republican and even I have to admit Ana Rivas Logan is a moron. However, she is good looking which makes up for it.

Anonymous said...

I predict there will be two newly elected County Commissioners in 2014, and Monestime will continue to represent District 2. One of the new Commissioners will be the result of a special election to fill a vacancy.

The Gimenez Coalition of Anti-Government Crusaders will completely collapse in 2014, with the two newly elected Commissioners.

Gimenez will also be hampered as Sosa maneuvers to be the next Mayor (Herman Echavarria will emerge as the lobbyist-puppeteer behind Sosa).

Audrey Edmonson will be the next Chairwoman of the Commission.

Happy New Year!

Eyeonstead said...

I predict that Steve Losner will finally stop criticizing Shiver for everything wrong in his life and commenting on this board anonymously. That Shiver will continue to stand as the professional he is and truly work for the good of those who really care about our town. I am a city employee for over 20 years and Shiver was the only one who got things done. He may have divorced and pissed off the establishment but he is not a crook. And for the Ghost Town slaughter that this blogger keeps writing about, he is the only ne that stood with the project to the end . Everyone else in the deal bailed. Allen, why don't you drop the personal grudge and really sit with Shiver to talk? I'd like to hear it.