Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Florida: From the Department of Numbers … by gimleteye

If you are feeling stressed during this economic "recovery" … as in, why am I working so hard and everything costs more but the government says inflation is low … have a look at Florida household income.

Florida Median Household Income Trends since 2005

The real median household income for Florida peaked in 2007 at $52,938 and is now $7,898 (14.92%) lower.

Real Median Household Income: Florida

Why should union members in Miami-Dade County feel that "giving back" wage increases is justified, especially when the record shows wealthy insiders, like the board of directors of US Century Bank "walking away" from the biggest federal bail-out (from TARP / taxpayer funds) in the state of Florida with no penalty? Oh, Ramon Rasco had to "resign" as chairman of the board as another group of insiders takes over.


Bob Lerner said...

Hello-I enjoy your blog very much. What is the source of these numbers?

Gimleteye said...

Click the link.

Sid said...

Excuse me, but your graph shows that the taypayers have experienced a 15% paycut. So how does that justify giving higher-paid government employees another 5% raise?

Any extra money in the system should be returned to the taxpayers to make up for the income we have lost in the Obama economy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who banks with U.S. Century and is aware of their receipt of TARP funds should either completely end or reduce the size of their business relationship with U.S. Century, or accept the fact that they play a small part in enabling the Corporate Welfare Queens.

I'm just saying' said...

Sid. The 5% isn't a raise. It is money that we, the employees, took from our salaries to help the county through a budget "crisis" several years ago.

The county powers promised if we temporarily gave them help they would restore our salaries to what they were prior to our donation ... We are not getting paid anything extra and they are not retroactively repaying us for our donation.

The crazy ass thing is that if you are part time and can't get health care OR if you don't need coverage because your spouse provides it, you still have to pay the 5% fee, even though you donot partake in any county benefits. Additionally, the county is not being held accountable for where the 5% goes.

CATO said...

Gimspierre did it ever occur to you that those salaries are payed mostly by taxpayers who are private sector workers or small business peeps who have in some cases taken 30-50% hits on income if not more. 5% is negligible when compared to whats going on outside Stephen P Clark bldg.
Were not all fat cats sitting in board rooms smoking big cigars you know.

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade County has the best paid employees in the nation. The City of Miami, also in Miami-Dade County, is worse. 20 fire union members making $300,000 per year in pay and benefits? All working at desk jobs? Best paid firemen in the world.

Anonymous said...

Soon it will be more profitable to stay home and collect unemployment, avoid the tolls, live in Section 8 housing and get food stamps. We are socially engineering vast numbers of poor people. Congratulations for having a South American vision of what this place can be.

Next we'll have to get body guards and tall walls. Wooden or chain link fences won't keep us safe any longer, people. I say concrete .... concrete walls. Somebody get Cemex on the phone.

Bell fencing said...

don't forget to put the broken glass bottles embedded on the top of the walls. Of course razor wire and bougainvillaea need to be used as well.