Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ernesto Perez: A blast from the past. By Geniusofdespair


Dade Medical College owner (not CEO anymore). Kids do stupid things. BUT this, to me, is not just a stupid thing he and his band members did. It is serious. He was charged again recently for failing to acknowledge his criminal past.


Anonymous said...

Homestead, Homestead, Homestead. Tsk,Tsk,Tsk.

The council appears to have lost their love affair with him now. They will vote tonight deciding to continue a CRA real estate deal or not with Perez's group.

Anonymous said...

Perez made contributions to some of those sitting council members. The vote will be entertaining. I wonder who will use the bully pulpit in his defense or the defense of the deal. This is the same council Waldman led into the fire with the bowling alley stuff which the proceeds were supposed to be used to pay back the CRA for the Shiver shotgun houses. Shiver was the lobbyist for the bowling ally group paying less then 50% of the current market value for some hillbilly excuse. They don't know how to do math in Homestead but they do know how to do favors for their friends of the day. Any update on the baseball stuff and the other lawsuit by Ruiz? I can't keep up with that clown council, the same group who brought us Lynda Bell!

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outofsight said...

It turns out that Dade Medical College purchased the building (Old Church) on main street from the Late Levine Estate.

It raised the rent to the point that Art South has to find a new home ASAP.

The Sanctuary of this church, on top of being a historic landmark building for its history and design, is acoustically perfect or near to it. It is an amazing facility for small concerts.

This college has methodically purchased building after building on Krome, the Old Main Street of Homestead. They have turned it into campus of classroom store fronts with a highway running down the middle of it.

Anonymous said...

One more golden nugget on Perez from the Miami Herald. While he was flying ex-Mayor Bateman around on chartered aircraft and giving ex-Mayor Bateman's wife real estate commissions Perez failed to register as a city lobbyist. Hope the council voids all of his deals and seeks damages.

Anonymous said...

Perez has spent a lot of cash in Homestead and it was education money from loans and grants but he gave it away to politicians.

Lois Jones said...

Lois Jones said...

Ernesto Perez will soon be history in Homestead. Art South is a major part of our community and to treat them so reprehensibly will not be tolerated. They live here in this community and they will stay here unhindered by the likes of disreputable characters such as Ernesto Perez and the one person on the Council who supports him.
Our new City Council leadership will never allow this less than human being to keep Homestead in the corrupt column. Homestead residents will not allow it again and the new leadership’s integrity will show their mettle at tonight’s meeting and vote this thug out. Get to stepping Ernesto Perez. You are not welcome here.
In my opinion, there will probably be six votes to one with Jimmy Williams being the dissenting vote. He seems to put his trust in Perez because as he stated in the Herald. “Councilman Jimmie Williams said granting extensions is something that Homestead does routinely – and so Dade Medical should get one too. Williams said the controversies surrounding Perez are irrelevant because he stepped down as CEO. Williams was not concerned that Perez is still the college’s owner. ‘He is not on the Board anymore and has no day-to-day function within the college,’ Williams said. ‘To me, that says a lot.’ Williams also praised Perez for bringing restaurants such as Lucky’s, the sports bar, to downtown’s Krome Avenue. He was caught off guard when told Lucky’s is now closed. ‘Lucky’s Bar and Grill is closed?’ He said.”
All that may be something that means a lot to Williams, but I am positive it does not to the rest of the Council or the residents of Homestead. Clean up your act and get with the good people Councilman Williams because you sure are not doing yourself a favor standing firmly with and defending a man who is accused of beating a child with a belt in 1990 after she would not do a sexual act.
Remember, your hero, mentor and drinking buddy, Steve Bateman is no longer in charge and as such you had better get in line and do the right thing. You work for us, not the other way around.
Besides there still remains the question of whether Jimmie Williams lives in Homestead which he seems to have hidden quite well. Further, his lack of representation of District 4 will not continue to be tolerated by the new community grass roots and activists such as myself. We are watching him closely and he should know that he will only be allowed to sit on the dais if he does the right thing for the community. Failing that, there is this pesky little thing named “Recall,” which we are prepared to initiate and pass if it becomes necessary. Just in case he does not know, supporting a child rapist who also beat his young victim does not a good councilman make. He calls himself a pastor and which pastor does anyone know who would support a child rapist for anything but stiff prison time?
Further we all know Williams has a love affair with restaurants such as the one he ran with a lobbyist and which failed miserably leaving $600,000 up in the air as to what really happened there.
Homestead is sick and tired, not to mention angry, of this kind of low-life representation. Elected officials are held to a much higher standard and if Williams is not prepared to rise above the shenanigans of his previous mentor, maybe he should do himself a favor and step down. Homestead will soon become a corruption-free zone so Jimmie Williams can either join us or leave us. The ball is in his court.

Anonymous said...

Lois, there are two bad apples on this Council. Thankfully, they are in the minority.

"In Tuesday’s vote, council members Jimmie Williams III and Elvis Maldonado were the only two to support Perez."

Maldonado took campaign contributions from Perez. He won over a really tainted former council person Nazy Sierra and avoided a run off. I guess his ego is bigger then his brains. But he has the "campaign" favor thing down pat.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/12/10/3810867/dade-medical-colleges-homestead.html#storylink=cpy

Lois Jones said...

Thank you anon above. I read today’s article and am not surprised. These two are placed on notice that we are watching. My opinion is that they have driven the first nail in their political coffin.

This is the type of governing they got away with under Bateman but no more. There is a new sheriff in town and with his four deputies, Councilmembers Burgess, Fairclough, Waldman and Vice Mayor Steve Shelley this Council means business. Finally, leadership with integrity who are not afraid to do the right thing.

Corruption in Homestead will soon be a thing of the past. I live here and I will not allow corruption to push me out. Homestead has been forced to live with that for much too long and with Bateman taken away in handcuffs and his drinking buddies left over from that administration placed on notice, the people of Homestead are prepared to do what is legally necessary to rid ourselves of the last vestiges of Bateman.

We are committed to making the City of Homestead a “NO Corruption Zone” and will not allow the likes of Jimmie Williams and Elvis Maldonado to get in the way. Laws are in place to take care of that and we will use those laws to rid ourselves of anyone with even a hint of corruption.

As the saying goes, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” With a strong group of law abiding citizens forming in Homestead, we will rise to the challenge. We believe in and vigorously support our “New Council” and stand ready to work with them in delivering relevance back to our precious City.

Anonymous said...

To Anon and Lois Jones: I, as well as many others, are glad that Jimmie and Elvis stood their ground. How long will the property sit vacant now???? So much for a gentrification of Downtown Homestead. Dade Medical College does really have a vision for Downtown Homestead. Elvis has been a resident of Homestead for about 35 years now and wants to see growth in Homestead - especially in the Downtown area. As far as campaign contributions go, take a look at each and every Councilmember's campaign reports including any PAC's or ECO's. Dade Medical College, Ernesto Perez, have contributed to each and every one of them. He believes in this council and the leaders that Homestead has and that it why he makes contributions to their campaign. Elvis and Jimmie are not corrupt; they simply did not vote with the majority. Lois Jones, you are slandering Jimmie and Elvis's names. Defamation is illegal...

Anonymous said...

If Williams is not corrupt why did he get into Wayne Rosen's bed regarding Snappers? The better question is why isn't Wayne Rosen suing Williams for his $250,000 contribution? Jimmie got the goods on Wayne that's why. Elvis may or may not be corrupt but he is a stooge for all who ask him to be one.