Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Virginia Key Consent Decree with Water and Sewer Missing a Key Component. By Geniusofdespair

They are spending $555 million on reconstruction of the plant, $1.5 billion overall.  The only problem with this Water and Sewer consent decree with federal regulators: there are no contingencies for sea level rise.  Virginia Key was underwater at one time:
“Doubling down on Virginia Key the way they’re doing it is just stupid,” said environmental attorney Albert J. Slap, representing the Waterkeepers. “There’s not a dime in it for armoring the plant, or raising it. It’s on a barrier island.”

Speaking of sea level rise I went to the first meeting of the task force yesterday.  At least a few people DON'T have their head in the sand about sea level rise.

Jack Osterholt Vice Mayor, T. Williard Fair, Sara Fain, David Enfield

James Murley, Harvey Ruvin, Jorge Gonzalez and Arsenio Milian

David Enfield made a good point: Are we going to wait for the insurance industry to dictate to us? Between getting mortgages and getting insurance, development in South Florida could be on its last legs. Both will be cost prohibitive with sea level rise. Enfield, research oceanographer, said the King Tides and flooding around Alton Road in Miami Beach could be a laboratory for us.

The next meeting of the Task Force will be at Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 N.W. 1st Street, 18th Floor, room 18-3, 10AM, Tuesday. It is a public meeting.


Anonymous said...

Answers: yes, we are going to wait for the insurance industry to dictate to us. It's already happening with flood insurance.

Yes, the King Tides are a laboratory. They show that we won't do anything to alter the equation of low cost growth. It will be every man and woman for himself or herself.

When the county commission and Mayor Gimenez won't even accept the low and inadequate projections of the US Army Corps of Engineers (that radical organization!), you know where this is all headed.

And thank Natacha Seijas, the former county commissioner who acted for decades as the chief ramrod for the Latin Builders, and her advisors / consiglieri for setting up the wastewater system to be one of the cheapest utilities in the nation, basically operating thanks to chewing gum and wire fixes.

So how will the county commission and Mayor Gimenez differ, when this nextgen, version 2.0 blue ribbon panel makes its recommendations? Answer: no differently from the past.

Anonymous said...

Floods stimulate the economy. Government spending on things like flood insurance claims will actually boost the GDP. Think of all the jobs created in Miami Beach by having water sports on Alton road. Flooding in a win for everybody involved, unless you are a Norman Braman and have to take back lease returns on vehicles that have rust.

Anonymous said...

Jack Osterholt? What a jerk. No way will he be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Compared to past county managers, -- Steve Shiver, George Burgess -- Osterholt is a genius. Ultimately voters are responsible for county government. You keep electing people like Lynda Bell, and you deserve exactly what you get.

Anonymous said...

A Banker really??

Anonymous said...

Jack Osterholt is not the County Manager. Carlos Gimenez is that. Jack drives down from Broward County to cause problems. Shiver, Burgess, Osterholt... all useless.