Wednesday, November 13, 2013

THAT "Signature" Bridge … by gimleteye

Transportation planners have been doodling at it, for more than a decade: what to do about traffic from Interstate 95 to the 395 extension to Miami Beach.

That's the stretch of roadway that destroyed Overtown. That's the stretch of roadway that passed by the old Miami Herald fortress, where plans were afoot -- enriching Miami Herald publishers -- to create a billion dollars of value. That's the stretch of roadway that would serve Genting's ambitions for a mega-casino in Miami. That's the stretch of roadway with a two lane exit that serves: 1) The Performing Arsht Center, 2) The Museum to the Monument of Jorge Perez, 3) the Miami Heat Arena for an Israeli Billionaire, 4) Cirque du Soleil, and 5) the rest of Downtown Miami.

In other words, it is the WORST stretch of roadway in Florida. Period.

Now, according to the Herald, the plans are moving forward for a "signature" bridge for Miami. Explain to us, how that exactly is going to enliven the area. You can't, as city commissioner Marc Sarnoff believes, raise a bridge high enough "to let the sunlight through". Nor is there favorably geology to send the bridge a thousand feet in the air and back down into the billion dollar tunnel to the Port of Miami.

Plus, that I-95 intersection sending traffic to Miami International isn't going to resolve favorably with a massive bridge.

The "talk" about a Miami signature bridge always seemed a smokescreen for the plan to liberate capital involving Miami Herald property through an extended tunnel. It might cost taxpayers a few tens of millions to elevate the idea of a "signature" bridge to ridicule. Or, require enough citizens to spit and fume in traffic on 395 waiting to exit to the Miami Heat Arena in order to build "pressure" to bury 395.

What could the billion dollar tunnel for the Port of Miami be, if not a test run for the rest of the project whose purpose is to liberate property values belonging to billionaires or at least centi-millionaires accustomed to using public decisions to make more money for themselves?

Now the "signature" bridge idea is elevating, but it is a consummately bad idea.

When elected officials keep piling bad planning and zoning decisions on top of bad planning and zoning decisions, you get a city that looks exactly like this: Miami.


Anonymous said...

I'd call it the 2nd or 3rd worst piece of roadway. Golden Glades interchange has to be the worst piece of highway I've seen inside or outside the third world.

Anonymous said...

They can build as many roads as they want, it isn't going to change a damn thing. Quite frankly, there are just too many cars. I remember for about two weeks after the massive expansion project on the Palmetto from Bird Rd to about 8th St the road was empty. Then everyone adapted their driving habits for the new road and the shit was filled again. This is what will happen to the new 826-836 interchange. PREDICTION: within one week of full opening, the new 826-836 interchange will just as backed up as the old one.

Anonymous said...

Miami is the Detroit of the South.

Geniusofdespair said...

Great Video!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave Barry had an interesting thought about why so many crazy people end up here and suggested that the answer was to get rid of the Golden Glades interchange! Yes, that would begin to solve all our problems.

Anonymous said...

Will the bridge be built in the clouds or will it go into outer space?

Anonymous said...

They keep doing these things as sales points for future condo/hotel developers. The area stinks. Don't ever buy near any arena. Not relaxing, neither is the beach anymore.

Anonymous said...

Massive, efficient and sanely designed public transportation is the only sane answer in South Florida. Anything else is total lunacy.