Friday, November 08, 2013

Part 2: How Close is the Proposed Turnberry/Soffer Mall Development to our Wellfield?

Do you want to move the Urban Development Boundary for a Mall? See Part 1 yesterday.

This is the land the Soffer family/Turnberry wants to move the Urban Development Boundary for.  Look at its location to our wellfields, our drinking water source. It is in the wellfield protection zone.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like a good place for anything from the built environment.

Anonymous said...

Let us focus on the goodwill of the Soffer family to do the right thing. They are good people

Anonymous said...

United States is a retail junkie. Pretty amazing since Amazon Prime allows two day shipping on most items. The retail business model will collapse next downturn (2014-2015). No return to retail after that.

Anonymous said...

The retail business model will collapse next downturn (2014-2015). No return to retail after that? Really?

Everyone is an expert. I guess we all will be living in little virtual huts with human contact solely through our personal devices.

You all can continue to screw our local workforce by sending your money to the west coast. Let's see how many customers are left to support what ever business feeds your income.

Let's see what the future holds:
Office buildings - killed by alternative work environment - work from home.
Newspapers - why get your news from anywhere but the blogs?
Theaters - killed by cable
Cable - killed by net flix
Porn magazines - killed by online porn
Restaurants - killed by lack of need due to works now working from home or through Burger King Delivery (although you would have thought that the Chinese would have killed this off long ago - did they invent food delivery?)
Dry Cleaners - killed by fact that no one needs to go out to work or for entertainment anymore.
Schools - virtual online schools for anyone - even UF is now offering a total online degree.

Anyone starting to see an impact on how you will make money?

The rich will continue their affluent lifestyles consolidating wealth while you toil away in our own homes afraid to go out because there may be people there.

Every tea party loser thinks they are saving money by 'screwing the state of Florida' by escaping sales taxes. You are, but your money is generating wealth and therefore taxes in these other states and you are funding education and other services for those who live where Amazon is located. Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Amazon will open warehouses in Lakeland and in Hillsborough County. 385 jobs with an average annual wage of $35,820.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well thanks for all the doom and gloom. I am taking a couple of Xanax .... Call me in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Great. An your online Amazon purchases will soon be subject to sales tax due to their contact within the state. I would love see Amazon open warehouses close to Miami-Dade County. 385 jobs with an average annual wage of $35,820 is much better than teh gambling hype. By the way, how much better are we doing thanks to the Racinos? Anyone have hard numbers?

Anonymous said...

I hope the Miami-Dade Commissioners are smart enough to vote No.

Anonymous said...

I think people will always go to shopping centers to buy things and socialize with others. But you know, it has been a good while since I have been to a shopping center. . .

Anonymous said...

Amazon is also filling several acres of wetlands here in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Project Onyx).