Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mayor Gimenez: Read this Audit Before you Pick those to go on your Mayoral Advisory Committee. By Geniusofdespair

County may have over-paid engineering company $3.5 Million Dollars on Black Point Project.

This is an audit conducted by the county auditor to Water and Sewer.

Look at page 4(summary results) also look at page 5 of the PDF below, that indicates that the Water and Sewer Department was frequently bi-passing the project control and tracking system(PCTS).

Mr. Mayor are all the recommendations here in the AECOM and CH2MHill bids on the mega $1.6 billion dollar contract? I have to call this a boondoggle if we could have saved the taxpayers $3.5 Million Dollars. Before you pick the people on your Advisory Committee maybe you had better heed this recent audit.


Anonymous said...

Great research. With Carlos Gimenez the taxpayers money is just flying out the door. Is there no adult supervision?

Anonymous said...

To understand what is going on you must understand how a multiplier works. It is suppose to cover overhead and profit. There is a need for a contractor to show how the multiplier was derived. Assuming a multiplier of 2.8, the company pays a person $10 per hr, the county is billed $10 x 2.8 or $28 dollars an hour for each hour that person worked. The multiplier is usually spelled out in the approach and there have been some multipliers that approach 4.0. One can easily see how cost overruns can easily happen depending on how many hours are actually needed to do a task and the agreed upon multiplier.

Ernie said...

This is what happens when you have incompetent political hacks as your department directors who did not go through a job interview or a competitive selection process for their $237,000 jobs.

Every department director, deputy director, assistant director, and deputy mayor hired by Gimenez has been hired without a competitive selection process. That is known in the business world as a “worst practice.”

The Board of County Commissioners needs to create an ordinance that requires an open and transparent competitive recruitment process for every county position, especially those in the executive ranks.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised by this latest discovery. This is business as usual in the county these days. Any employee that dares point out errors by the administration or future county liabilities as a result of misguided policies is ostrasized, transferred or fired without due cause. The current strong mayor system is a failure. It has enpowered one individual to act as jury, judge and executioner. This county will suffer for years to come as a result of Gimenez's failed policies.