Monday, November 04, 2013

Mark Bell Posts Another $19,405 on his campaign account for Mayor. By Geniusofdespair

The total Mark Bell has raised in his run for mayor is $112,720.  That is not including any other PAC or ECO money.  Steve Torices, rock miner is there again. Adonel concrete, Charter Schools USA is also there and Jorge Luis Lopez (Mayor's pal). Jeff Porter raised $12,720 bringing his total to $44,175.


Anonymous said...

It is pitiful. But the good thing is that you can't buy an election, particularly at the municipal level.

C L Lerner said...

I won my Mayors race with just $30,000 compared to my opponent who raised $70,000. It's not about the money raised, it's about the grassroots getting out the vote,
Sure hope the dems can Get their voters out! And sure hope Bell isn't buying votes!

Anonymous said...

What I find ironic about Mark Bell is that he's so out of touch with the Homestead Council. He doesn't realize the building moratorium is in place because of a water/sewer capacity issue which Gimenez would not approve increasing at the County level, even though the Council approved it, then un approved it just before Bateman was arrested, which the issue was used as part of the investigation in to doing favors for Ernesto Perez. This stuff in Homestead is child's play and Mark Bell has the political skills of a 12 yr. old without an iPad!

So, if Mark Bell is elected, how is Gimenez going to magically approve the water/sewer problem he wouldn't do for Bateman without ending up under investigation himself appearing to do favors for Bell (RTL Bell).

My wish list for the New Year is both Bell's in adjoining prisons for all their "alleged" improprieties.

As someone wrote over the weekend, when a candidate is so bad, Rick Scott is in the lead here, they need so much money to pay bullies, harass voters and BS constituents because they cannot stand on their own records, or in Mark's case, no record. In fact, I don't ever remember him sitting through an entire council meeting. Even when the Redland Hotel or whatever it's called had their hand out for a check equal to the amount of a down payment on said Hotel at the Homestead CRA, which Lynda Bell approved the budget for.

JC Planas should be looking for a good criminal defense lawyer for the Bells' & their Castillo because they're getting booked up with crooked and "alleged" corrupt politicians.

I need a barf bag and perhaps therapy if Bell wins tonight. Needless to say, if this happens, I'd immediately challenge the results and seek and injunction.

Anonymous said...

The ability of the Commissioner to raise that amount of money for a non candidate demonstrates the value of being a Commissioner. It should also raise questions as to whether there is the implicit threat of retribution on future matters.

Anonymous said...

Bellboy is the only candidate money can buy.

Anonymous said...

Where's the report? I would like to read who made the mad rush to give support.