Saturday, November 16, 2013

Great find: The Crespogram taped the meeting on the ethics discussion on the award of the $1.6 Billion dollar Water & Sewer contract. By Geniusofdespair

Al Crespo of the Crespogram taped the ethics meeting on the Virginia Key bid for $1.6 billion dollars. Thank you Al.  Very interesting, listen to the lawyers argue.


Anonymous said...

Ethics sucks big time. I would rather have no ethics because these guys are nitwits.

Anonymous said...

Al Crespo covers many crimes and frauds. He is performing a great public service. Too bad the Doral Herald doesn't have any investigative journalists left.

Anonymous said...

Why you did not show the rest of the meeting?

Aecom ass was kicked.

Anonymous said...

Do you find yourself ethically challenge when you are trying to protect Aecom because of the manager Pet Hernandez who promoted your husband at the city of Miami?

Scott Harmon said...

Very Important video . I would rather have no ethics because these guys are nitwits.
Thanks to share.
web meeting

Al Crespo said...

I went to the meeting not knowing that this item was going to come up, or that the Commission members would give card blanche to the lawyers and let them ramble on for almost 2 hours. My battery died at the 2 hour point. What you see in the above videos was the debate and decision by the Commission to support one of the 2 discussion items. Afterwards, Pete Hernandez got up and went on for about another 15 minutes on how unethical he thought the whole selection process had been handled. Because I only got a portion of what he said, I cropped the video and left it out.

Anyone interested can contact the Unethical Commission and ask them for a copy of the audio tape of the meeting.