Friday, October 18, 2013

Who is watching the Store? By Guest Blogger Aesop

I went to Katy Sorenson's panel discussion Public Corruption -- When will it stop? I got this review on it this morning on who is watching out for us:

Willy Ferrer - US Attorneys Office:
He introduce himself as the progeny of Cuban exiles.  Then he explained how tight he was with Katherine Fernandez Rundle, saying “We couldn’t have a better relationship”.  I have heard from friends in the US Attorneys Office that the place has become politicized over the past few years, compared to before when any bad guy would be prosecuted just for being bad.  The tone of an organization is set at the top, and today I saw who sets that tone.

Howard Rosen - Assistant State Attorney:
He explained how the SAO selects cases to pursue based on where the penalties will be the highest, not on the level of damage the various offenses inflict on the public trust.

Joe Centorino - Ethics Commissioner:
I heard Joe Centorino uncloak his feelings toward the bloggers who persistently complain that connected individuals get special treatment in Miami-Dade County. (Genius: It is true Joe, remember Joe Martinez's house - nothing happened. All my complaints get close-out memos. Nothing more.)

To Joe’s credit, he ever so tactfully noted the damage Mayor Carlos Gimenez made to local anti-corruption efforts by gutting the County PD’s Public Corruption Unit.

I heard the speakers frantically shred and compost an attendee’s observation that many people are discouraged at how connected individuals get special treatment in which the law is reinterpreted to let them off or the statute of limitations expires while prosecutors doodle. The fellow mentioned David Rivera

Notably present in the audience was North Miami Mayor Lucy Tondreau of North Miami, who assigns herself a police driver because residents have threatened to storm city hall over corrupt practices (such as assigning herself a police driver), and who improperly used forfeiture funds to pay for the chief of police to escort her on her recent vacation to Haiti.  Nothing she heard today will interfere with her sleep tonight.

Conspicuously absent from the event were any elected official from Miami-Dade County or the City of Miami, anyone from the County Mayor’s Office, the five sitting Commissioners of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust (four of whom are currently said to be under investigation), ASO Public Corruption prosecutors Jose Arojo and Johnette Hardeman, and  Katherine Fernandez Rundle.



Anonymous said...

What about Wily Gort getting bus shelter ads during his last election campaign? What about Marc Sarnoff using a $120,000 per year City policeman as his 24/7 chauffeur in a $60,000 City SUV for the past 7 years? What about Spence-Jones using a City chauffeur to pick up her kids at daycare?

Anonymous said...

What about Wily Gort not being charged for the same crime Myron committed? Why has Al Lorenzo not been charged with AB fraud?
Why do we have a commission on ethics at all?

Anonymous said...

Best democracy money can buy.

Anonymous said...

Did Lucie Tondreau learn that it is a crime to steal from taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

What really makes me sick is that Gimenez or any of his county ass-puppets showed up to this event. It was expected that no one from Hialeah or homestead would show up as they are out collecting absentee ballots illegally as always.

Anonymous said...

How about that Michael Gongora resorting to dirty tricks to win in Miami Beach?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether it was incompetence or laziness or Fernandez-Rundle, but Centorino's record as head of the public corruption unit at the state attorney's office was abysmal. That’s where he earned his "Let'em Go Joe” nickname.

When he took the job at the County Ethics Commission, Let'em Go Joe nearly doubled his government salary and pension. He now has no boss, no pressure, and little work. I don’t see any difference between him and notorious ladies man Robert Meyers. Let'em Go Joe kept the staff of the disgraced Meyers, including that idiot Michael Murawski. If Joe wanted to make difference, why wouldn’t he clean house? It seems to me that Let'em Go Joe was just looking for a place to park himself before he retired.

Anonymous said...

How come the Gort investigation has taken so long?