Wednesday, October 23, 2013

State Rep Jose Felix Diaz's Committee Gives to ECO helping Mark Bell. By Geniusofdespair

Jose Felix Diaz
The ECO run by J.C. Planas "People for Truth & Integrity", putting out mailers against Jeff Porter, has a $1,000 donation from this Jose Felix Diaz Committee.

People for Truth & Integrity also has a $1,500 donation from law firm Weiss Serota. I guess they won't be doing any business in Homestead if Porter wins.


Anonymous said...

Alvarez's CPA buddy Jose Riesco certainly found his calling doing campaigns. Wonder what one would see if you sat after hours at Riesco's ? He learned alot from Carlito.

Anonymous said...

Is this because Jose Felix Diaz is in favor of supporting an almost plumber's assistant with no credentials to run a city? How does this contribute to Diaz' street cred? WOW. Maybe I need to rethink that donation.

Anonymous said...

Does Akerman Senterfitt have any business before the county? Now you have your homework assignment.