Friday, October 04, 2013

Replacing the Miami Dade County Inspector General. By Geniusofdespair

Michael Murawski
At noon today a selection committee will start sifting through 13 candidates for the Inspector General position: Mary Cagle, Neftali Carrasquillo Jr., Christopher Clark, Joseph DeMarco, Timothy Donovan, Teresa Gulotta-Powers, Richard Lober, Michael Murawski, Robert Carter Olson, Donald Oswald, Thomas Raftery, Jody Weis, James Wright. The only one I know of is Michael Murawski who works for ethics. What is an "ethics advocate" anyway?

According to the Miami Herald:

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle will chair the selection committee to replace Christopher Mazzella who retired after 14 years at the post.

I would have applied except they required 10 years as either a law enforcement officer, judge, government attorney or managing an investigative public agency (was that added for Ethics Commission Advocate Murawski?).

Apparently the only thing I am qualified for is County Commissioner...and I may run, it might be fun.

In 2012 the Inspector General found that the Miami Heat owed the county $3.1 Million. Why didn't the County collect yet?
While the inspector general did not turn up any fraud by the Heat, Mazzella concluded that a "number of questionable expenses were charged against arena revenues, thus lessening the county's prospects of receiving its proportional share of arena profits."

His nine-month investigation followed a New Times report that despite getting $72 million in taxpayer subsidies to run the Triple A and raking in a fortune since LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined the franchise, the Heat has avoided sharing any revenue with the county.

Apparently the County pays absolutely no attention to the IG even when it is about money. Do we really need one?


Anonymous said...

Another glad-handing oppty for KFR. This county can't get out of its own way. Sea level rise will wash away all sins.

Anonymous said...

The Heat has no $ to pay the county, but they can open up their training camp at Paradise Island ... the Heat's way of sticking it to us!

Anonymous said...

The Inspector General is an employee of the County Commission. Do you really think he will uncover any serious abuse by Commissioners or their friends and family?

Anonymous said...

I vote to outsource the inspector general position. I nominate Jeffrey Bercow for the job.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same sleazy Michael Murawski who conducted a witchhunt against his fellow ethic commission staff members? It was his biggest investigation and it was to find out who leaked evidence that his buddy ethics director Robert Meyers was engaging in inappropriate behavior with his secretary Rodzandra Sanchez. Murawski should be in jail for his disgusting inquisition, not under consideration for the IG job.
Read more here:

Anonymous said...

The Heat have never paid a penny in rent. Who is investigating? Carlos Gimenez?