Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Readers: Use a bit of your brain. By Geniusofdespair

If you hear "Major Study Said..." you must see who put out the study.  Was it funded by the oil industry/sugar industry/gambling industry?  Don't just quote from a study without doing a little digging to see who put out the study and who is on the board of the entity that put out the study. Also many entities cherry pick facts and parts of studies.

I wrote about this topic in Feb. 2013:
Yesterday there was a letter in the Miami Herald about how great Nukes are for economic opportunity.  The letter was written by Chirsty Todd Whitman and Mayor of Homestead Steve Bateman.

I wrote about Christine Todd Whitman in 2007. She is nothing more than a paid booster for the nuclear industry but she signs her letter former EPA administrator as if this is some sort of official position, she hasn't been there for 10 years.  She now heads her energy greenwash group Whitman Strategy Group.
Also the former head of Greenpeace Dr. Patrick Moore, is/was hawking Nukes while Greenpeace was saying:
"While nuclear power undergoes yet another facelift, energy efficiency and renewable technologies will continue to provide the best opportunity to slow climate change. Rather than another extreme makeover, its time to pull the plug on nuclear power, it will never address the threat of climate change and in the process we’ll all get burned. "
So with the internet so vast with opinions and studies, you had better start doing a little digging or you will be quoting from a shill or a cherry picker.

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Mssr. Currie said...

I feel uncomfortable any time the words NUCLEAR and BOOM are used in the same sentence.