Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quote of the Day: About The Doral Mayor.

Give Luigi Boria credit for accomplishing the improbable. He made Joe Carollo seem the voice of reason. Luigi out-crazied Crazy Joe. - Fred Grimm


Al Crespo said...

This is my favorite of the day:

Asked if the former commissioner ever unduly influenced her on Carlisle’s behalf, Edmonson told the Herald: “One of things I am proud of is that no one has the ability to influence me. ... I think I have a reputation that I cannot be influenced.”

That's Miami-Dade County Commissioner Edmonson who claims that she's not subject to influence.

I wonder how she reacts to campaign contributions. Of, that's right, she was at the top of the list of Carlisle Development's contribution list, and they built all those big ass buildings in her District, with her approval.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about Barbara Carey-Shuler taking $170,000 from Caslisle mere months after she resigned her seat under a dark cloud. Then her two best buddies Edmunson and Spence-Jones immediately become Caslisle's two biggest cheerleaders? About that $170,000? That is $170,000 that we know about.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Carey-Shuler can't remember receiving $170,000 from Carlisle?