Saturday, October 26, 2013

OMG Russell Brand Makes More Sense Than Most People. By Geniusofdespair


Cato the Original said...

I don't see the "Brilliance"
Everybody thinks they "undeserved"
Everybody thinks they're "exploited"
So how do we solve it lets call "profit" a filthy word? (Was that one of George Carlin's 7 Words?)

PLEASE spare me.....

Why doesn't he give all his stuff up like coiffing his locks or that rock star clothing and his nice pad for a bungalow in central Africa some rags to cover himself and a river to wash his hair.If he does he's even a BIGGER IDIOT!

Because of Profit Mickey Ds and BK can feed you for very little (they make a profit) you can have a cell phone for a fraction of what they cost 20 years ago (cell companies make a profit) computers are much cheaper more prevalent than they were 30 years ago (computer companies make profits). No subsidies needed.

What is broken in our system is that we have become a crony capitalism kleptocracy where political connections mean everything (shit rises) and hard work and merit mean almost nothing. Hence the OBAMACRE Insurance/Health Industry bonanza where we consumers/taxpayers are fish in a barrel.

and thats all I got to say about that.

Please be standing on the shore whenthe Tsunami hits said...

Cato you are an idiot. Guess what food is 200X higher, Cars are 100X higher,& Housing is 100X higher your examples are things that are not absolutes. They are not needed. But you do need housing, food, and transportation. You do need fresh water, clean air,jobs and you certainly need a middle class.So get a grip. The earth is being destroyed by GREED and a few profiteers.Were poisoning our water, air, and people in the name of Fracking,deep well injection and power plants to feed that stupid cell phone, computer, and things we really do not need, hopefully when that tsunami hits miami you will be standing on the shore saying Look at the pretty blue wave.............

Geniusofdespair said...

Cato is an idiot. Cato 2 is so much more fun.

Cato the Original said...

please be standing.........pleaaaaseeeee please please get a grip

Cars are not 100X higher adjusted for inflation, they actually may be cheaper (inflation adjusted) if you shop around.

Housing maybe more expensive thanks to the money printing (or electronic creating) machine at the FED

Yes food is more expensive but here in the greedy US its more affordable compared to some socialist paradises.

Aside from damage to our surrounding environment our biggest issue is the population explosion that has taken place over the last 60 years were the earths population has tripled.

Don't be so species-centric the earth existed long before humans did and will probably be here long after our species has checked out.

Russell Brand is still an Idiot, you need a few math courses and Genius well you are smarter than Mark Bell.

Anonymous said...

I don't respect any idiot who doesn't vote. That's half the reason we are in the mess we are in.