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Mark Bell and Lynda Bell allowing MISUSE of an ECO. By Geniusofdespair

 Opps, I have to offer a retraction. This is hereby retracted with caveats and so is my other post, see  the retraction with caveats and questions. DON'T MISS IT!! See the retraction request

Many candidates have PAC's and ECO's that are committees that can collect any amount to supplement a campaign. The candidates are not suppose to have control or input in how PAC and ECO money is spent, but they do. Even though they deny they do.

The purpose of this ECO - Good Government Now - is for COUNTY races promoting County candidates (i.e. Lynda Bell) - as it says in its filing papers. I assume it is for Lynda Bell's campaign next year since Wendy Lobos heads it. She is Lynda's BFF.

Filing papers of Good Government Now

The only trouble is, the ECO is sending out mailers NOW. No mailers have gone out for County races, it is too early. I think this ECO is being used for Mark Bell's campaign, against its stated purpose.

Good Government Now's financial disclosure says it  is sending out direct mailers when there are no county races at this time.  Mark Bell is, however, sending out gobs of mailers for his Mayoral race.
Maybe this is why the Weiss Serota law firm took back their $2,500 donation.

Lynda Bell is a driven woman on her husband's election, it is almost scary to see such a lust for power. She is using her position to push people to donate to her husband. I talked to someone who gave and he had no idea who or what Mark Bell represented. He only knew Lynda Bell wanted money.


Anonymous said...

I find it unbelievable that the Democratic Campaign worker for Joe Garcia is being sent to jail even though he never touched an AB ballot and none were ever sent but the GOPer's Robaina et al are receiving probation and they were caught red handed with ballots. Think about that injustice for a minute because that's the Tea Party hard at work in Miami Dade County not only stealing elections but skating the law by walking away with a slap on the wrist.

When someone wrote about the Lobos connection directly to that Hotel the Bell's own I too saw this on the ECO. Thank you for writing about it because I was going to send it to you today. Good catch.

I'm sure they'll do the infamous amendment after the fact and walk away like the oops from Mark Bell admitting his workers were actually gathering ballots. It's kind of like waiting for Rivera to actually get prosecuted which will never happen. KFR let the statute of limitation run out now the Fed's are sitting on this for whatever reason.

Our justice system is the best in the world until it lands in Miami Dade County under the reign the power hungry who cannot get real jobs in the real world due to their total lack of real experience except living off the taxpayers and helping their contributors to the same.

Sickening. No,it's actually illegal but they're the R party so they'll all just walk away like nothing happened. Justice is NOT served here and it should be.

KFR, shame on you. Just retire if you don't want to do you job and put the real crooks away.

Try as you all might to vote them out. There's too much fraud to do that. The popular vote doesn't count down here, just the AB brokers and PAC's.

Anonymous said...

Because the reward for misuse far exceeds the penalty and it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, this will continue to occur. Oh, and the rules do not seems to apply to Lynda bell

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell reminds me of every cliche about Gypsy's and Grifters or worse, the Ponzi schemers.

She's totally unqualified to be on the County Commission yet is somehow Vice Chair. That doesn't say much about Sosa and those who voted to put her there. By doing so, now you are seeing what she is really like and how she plays by no rules but her own, though others have to play by the rules - or else!

Can't wait for those lawyers to line up. A good and expensive lawsuit against her put her out of the City of Homestead, hopefully it will do the same at the County level.

Even though Porter is no prize, he certainly looks mighty saintly compared to this slime machine Lynda Bell along with her and Juan Mayol's side kick Castillo/Green Point Group.

I think Bell has beat out Shiver in the sleaze/taxpayer funded business and that's almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

He needs to go to jail. And if his boss knew and had any involvement in the crime, he needs to go to jail too. Any one else involved in voter fraud needs to go to jail. This is the only way to clean this up is to actually put people in jail. I am a fourth generation democrat and it does not matter to me whether the criminal is a democrat or republican. Anyone who attempts to violate voting laws, needs to go to jail. Winning is not everything. There are many things in life more important than winning an election. The importance of the vote is one of them.

Anonymous said...

1) Why isn't Daisy whatever her last name is in jail? What ever happened to her names list?

2) Why isn't Robaina's uncle in jail?

3) Why isn't Bovo's now former aid in jail?

Let's start with those three who were actually handling the ballots, not requesting them. They skated literally on ice and can go back doing the same next years when their probabation runs out. All three GOP affiliated if not registered R's which I'm only guessing they are.

The Democrat who let his workers do something incredibly stupid, didn't touch a ballot or call the people they requested them for gets 90 days? Really?

I think anyone outside of Miami Dade who is not a Republican would look at this as total injustice.

Yes, it will continue, is continuing and who knows what's happening in Hialeah, where they invented the Boletero's, right now because our election process is a total free for all of AB brokers, unchecked and unprosecuted.

This ECO business should land those people on the ECO in jail, but it won't down here. Too bad this isn't Broward or Palm Beach where that would be the end result.

Can we get the Federal Justice Department down here please?

Anonymous said...

"If someone observes illegal or unethical behavior, we encourage them to contact the State Attorney’s Public Corruption Hotline at 305-547-3300 and the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust Hotline at 786-314-9560."

I will be calling. I hope other will too. Enough is enough. I want my County elections running fairly. If there's wrongdoing, I want people in jail especially those stealing/paying people for ballots. What part of rigging/stealing elections is legal and deserves just probation?

Geniusofdespair said...

The Daisy case, KFR did not handle it. It went to Broward I am pretty sure. She recused herself.

Anonymous said...

Let us be very clear on this. ANYONE who breaks into the county's election department's website, should go to jail. The vote is the heart of our democracy. ANYONE who violates voting laws, attacks our country and our way of life. This needs to be very clear to every "want to be" politician. There is ZERO tolerance for voting fraud.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Green Point Group = Jose Luis Castillo.

Anonymous said...

Can someone elaborate on this "unfair" utility tax hidden in my Homestead electric bill?

How are the candidates addressing this issue?

Anonymous said...

People need to understand that voting is very serious business. If individual voters commit voting fraud, it is a 3rd degree felony, you can be imprisoned for up to 5 years and you can be fined up to $5,000 dollars. Your signature on the voter's certificate attests that you are in compliance with the law. Under no circumstances should anyone take voting laws lightly.

Mensa said...

When contacted personally the So called people who are supposed the make sure the law is followed say" no way will I get in to fighting with politicians. They are scared they will lose their own election when it comes up.

Anonymous said...

Genius: You predicted that this would come back to bite Mayor Gimenez in the posterior. I thought he had more brains/common sense than get mixed up with Lynda Bell. Mrs. Sosa you should have voted for Mrs. Heyman as your vice chair. Maybe this was your plan knowing that Lynda Bell is power hungry and stuck on stupid.

Perry Mason said...

Genius I would like to see Lynda Be lose oooops excuse me Freudian slip I mean Mark Bell.

But lets get our facts straight, candidates in local and state races are allowed to coordinate with ECOs even to steer contributors. No so in state races.

The ECO must be registered in and report in the jurisdiction of the election it is participating in. Meaning the Homestead City Clerk. If they have not registered with City Clerk then if someone files a complaint with elections and/or sao maybe something will happen. If they have filed with homestead clerk they are within the law.

Perry Mason said...


Anonymous said...

The lawfirm had to bow out they represent homestead

Geniusofdespair said...

I am saying they filed papers with a big fat lie on them!! I don't doubt they are registered.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if in fact they are registered with Homestead? They are soliciting funds for one use at the County level but using them at a City level, that's a big no no, even if they are registered, which is questionable. Weiss Serota is the law firm the City of Homestead uses. It's interesting they pulled their money so someone either told them they were doing mailers for Mark Bell, which they wouldn't get involved with or they filed something with the City Clerk.

In any event, this is just typical dirty trick politicking from unqualified people using public office for personal gains whether it be for another personal office or Tax dollars oops, I meant CRA funds, which are one in the same anyway.

Mark Bell should do the honorable thing and back out of this race. Whatever reputation he had as a plumbers assistant is even more tarnished then taking money from slum lords (see prior blog posts).

Crazy stupid, all of it. Who would live in Homestead anyway? Just because they built it doesn't mean it's any more livable.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Lynda Bell was the great reformer. DERM, Beacon Council, now what? Jose Castillo was sanctioned by the Commission on Ethics, runs campaigns in Cutler Bay(Loyzelle), Palmetto Bay (John Dubois, Lynda Bell's appointed successor) and so many more.

Where's the recall committee that got started?

RTFM said...

As much as we all might dislike the Bells, I am not sure they have not done anything wrong with their ECO.

i really, really wish people would make some sort of effort to know at least the basics of campaign finance law. even the miami herald reporters and editors have take the time to RTFM.

FACT #1: ECOs can fully coordinate with candidates, campaigns, other soft-money entities.

FACT #2: ECOs only need to "register" with one governmental body. as in filing initial paperwork, appoint treasurer, etc. however, they must file periodic CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORTS wherever they conduct electioneering communications (advertising -- but NOT "grassroots" or GOTV, which is illegal).

so, this ECO "registered" with the county, and then must file periodic reports with Homestead -- assuming Homestead conducts its own elections (as opposed to the county).

glad i cleared that up!

Anonymous said...

Let me ask: Has this been passed on to the State Attorney? HA HA HAA HA HA HA HA HAAAA
Like Rundle would bother prosecuting anyone.. Now that was funny.
I believe you attended the "stop public corruption" luncheon.
It was a fest of we are sorry for not doing our job I hear by law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

RTFM: The issue is their initial filing say's nothing about local municipal elections; just County. They're funding a Homestead Mayoral election, which was not in their disclosure. That's one problem.

This is an interesting statement:

"so, this ECO "registered" with the county, and then must file periodic reports with Homestead -- assuming Homestead conducts its own elections (as opposed to the county)."

Homestead Candidates must file their financial reports and candidacy through the clerk at the City. Obviously, they do not have their own election department to run an election within Miami Dade County.

In any event, I think ECO complaints need to go to the Florida Elections Department because that's where the laws are which regulate them. Here's their contact link:

Anonymous said...

You think Sosa is in on this nonsense. This is actually listed as an item on today's BCC meeting agenda, item 1D7:


Now go read the mission statement of Bell's, oops, I mean Lobo's PAC. If this wasn't so obvious it would be laughable.

In the meantime, the people who actually pysically tampered with ballots walk and those who simply were stupid enough to request them, not hack in to the elections department as someone wrote prior, get 90 days in jail (the later is a democrat). Good job KFR not doing anything to put the real problems in jail because now everyone goes on their way tampering with real ballots, not just requesting them.

Anonymous said...

The obvious question for morons, is Homestead part of Miami Dade County?
Now go back and think about that.

Anonymous said...

County races not municipal races.

Homestead family said...

Actually, as a Homestead resident, I am thinking that anything south of SW 184 Street belongs to another county. Maybe the county of Dade, since the rest of Miami-Dade doesn't get the life style and keeps dragging the worse of their life style and philosophy south.

Anonymous said...

To the moron question, is Homestead a City or County because the ECO was formed for County issues, not City of Homestead.

Anonymous said...

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