Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looks Like SCOTTY'S Owners Made a Deal To Vacate. by Geniusofdespair

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Anonymous said...

The lobbyists and attorneys helping Ed Garcia and his group win the Voter Referendum are very slick. I always thought the Scotty's Landing bathroom was one of the most disgusting bathrooms I have ever seen in my entire life. Who needs employees that show such disrespect for customers?

Anonymous said...

I would venture that the bathroom issue would rater be a reflection on Management. As is the quality of food served.
It's management that has to kick ass and train and set standarts.

Anonymous said...

For the last ten years the mens bathroom has stood out as one of the most disgusting bathrooms I have ever seen, anywhere. Nobody cared for ten years? Institutional failure.

Anonymous said...

So the team that won the single bid process want to hire the maintenance and cleaning crew responsible for Scotty's bathrooms? Has their lobbyist Richard Perez ever visited Scotty's?

Barbara Bisno said...

I should live in Denmark

Thanks for report on corruption luncheon - thanks for report on vote to reopen govt and avert default

Disagree with you on Jackson bond vote - we will vote yes