Tuesday, October 01, 2013

GOP surrenders to the radical right and drags the stock market down with the ship ... by gimleteye

On the same day millions of Americans learn for the first time that Obamacare can provide better health care at a lower cost, the radical Republican right -- the party of "business" -- is determined to make Americans poorer. Now there's a winning GOP combination: shut down government on the day that government is finally doing something of positive benefit to the life and death fortunes of Americans. If it gets stupider than this, please show us how.

People are going to make up their own minds, now that October 1st has finally arrived. No more fiddling with the bullshit meters. When voters discover a) the sky hasn't fallen, and b) that health care reform offers savings and better service, the nightmare will kick in, for Republicans. It's already starting.

This morning, the healthcare.gov servers are jammed. To be expected. This morning, when Eric Cantor, John Boehner and Ted Cruz appear before the TV cameras, there ought to be superimposed dunce caps on their heads. They did in the Republican Party and they did it all themselves.


Anonymous said...

So sad for the country and the world. People need to understand the importance of the vote. These republicans are intent on destroying this country and inflicting pain in the the lives of millions of people. And may God have mercy on their souls.

miaexile said...

George Washington's "farewell address" is worth re-reading ..he admonished us to beware of the Cruz's of the world.
Who would have thought John Boehner would turn into such a "bottom"

Anonymous said...

We need to look at amending the constition to not only eliminate congressional pay during a shut-down, but we also have look at performance-based pay. If they do nothing else, they have a WHOLE year to pass a budget. If they fail to get the budget done, then they also need to refund all payments made to them all year, and the money paid to run their congressional offices. That makes it clear when they take office, they must do their one main function, or give us our money back.