Thursday, September 05, 2013

They're Drillin' and Spillin' in the Gulf. Say NO to Friggin' Fracking in Florida! Guest Blog by Less is MORE

I just read "A Texas Rebel's Fight for Her Land" in September issue of "MORE" magazine...

If you are ever given the opportunity to vote on fracking, vote NO. Chances are you won't have that opportunity. So e-mail, call, and meet with your representatives.

When I heard Rep Ray Rodriguez of Bonita Springs, on WLRN, suggesting legislation "to prepare for fracking in Florida" , I panicked. I had seen  the movie "Gasland", and the trailer for Gasland II. My friends in Colorado have been fighting unsuccessfully to stop it there.

As I researched Fracking, I also learned about Deep Injection Waste Wells, and the damage they've been causing for decades (ANOTHER WELL KEPT SECRET).

A Tropical Audubon screening of the documentary "Vanishing of the Bees" led me to learn about GMOs. That led me to learn about a movement called Flush the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) concerning the abuse of power by trans-national corporations, and their litigation against individuals and sovereign nations. When these corporations are brought to court by an individual or national government, in a country where they have polluted water resources and caused illness, they counter-sue for MILLIONS of DOLLARS to defend their investments, AND future profits!

The more I research the health & environmental impact of Fracking & Deep Injection Waste Wells, the more outraged I am - it has become a consuming, hysterical alarm.
Hard to go about my normal activities when I know this is going on. Geology 101 is all you need to know how INSANE this is.

One disturbing document I found: an EPA report providing that agency's rationale for approving a permit for a Deep Injection Waste Well in Jackson County, Michigan: West Bay Class II Injection Well Response to Comments - US ...Dec 6, 2012 - COMPANY FOR THE WEST BAY #22 WELL IN JACKSON COUNTY, MICHIGAN

I know you will find that these EPA "responses" to public comments/questions are NOT reassuring!

I learned a lot from that one document: final outcome: "EPA has determined that the public comments submitted did not raise significant issues."

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Gimleteye said...

A little known fact is that a lawsuit by Sierra Club in Miami Dade County in the early 2000's against the result of underground injection control wells sped the wqy for the proliferation of fracking across the United States. Specifically, Sierra Club challenged the EPA rule change allowing for migration of injected fluid that had been prohibited until the Clinton and Bush EPA erased the protection. We live with the results. But at least, in Miami, we tried.