Monday, September 16, 2013

If I Could Vote in Miami Beach and Homestead, I Would Vote Geniusofdespair

I would vote for Philip Levine in Miami Beach:

“I am adamantly opposed to the expansion of gambling in Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida,” Levine said.

I would vote for Jeff Porter in Homestead:

He is not married to Lynda Bell. Mark Bell would not really be the mayor. Any fool knows that. If you want Lynda Bell for Mayor, vote for Mark.

Of course there are other reasons I would vote for them but these are two important considerations. Homestead and Miami Beach politics most always suck with bad candidates. What are you going to do? You pick the best of the lot. 


Anonymous said...
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Geniusofdespair said...

What part of "Do not attack the bloggers", do you not understand?

Anonymous said...

Mark Bell has been a plumbers assistant all these years. Just recently Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay lent him the money for that money losing hotel. He is not educated or qualified.

Charles said...

Wayne Rosen supports Mark Bell. That is reason enough.

Anonymous said...

I know Miami Beach has a drop of billions in property tax valuations due to the condo fiasco that took place. The gambling lobbyists will show up when the budgets get audited and the city is showing an economic downfall. Just wait for it. This will all come out as planned as soon as the convention center hotel is finished.

Anonymous said...

Horrifying to think L Bell and Rosen would be ruling Homestead! Bell is certainly not qualified. Just because his wife is a commissioner, does not mean he can do the job. HIs hotel's mortgage is being paid by Dubois. How much more conflict of interest do you need???

Anonymous said...

Was Porter getting his affairs in order a couple of years back because he was worried the FBI was taking him to jail for having his mortgage paid off, got free land in Lake Okeechobee, and selling the City of Homestead cleaning supplies from his company while he was a council member?

You're not going to find an honest politician, especially in Homestead. BTW, I don't know why he was never arrested

Anonymous said...

Bell and Bateman Supporter stop your lying:

1) Jeff Porter has never been under FPI Investigation.

2)He has never received free land in Lake Okeechobee.

3) The city had an open bid process where anyone in the public can bid. They can not see each others bids, so no one knows what the other person has submitted in a bid. The person with the lowest bid wins. Mr. Porter was told because it was an open bid process to the public, that he could bid with out conflict as long as he disclosed who he was, which he did. No dishonesty there. After he conferred with the city attorney, he was advised even though there was no conflict that it would be best not to do business with the city any further, so he did not.

Mark has a hidden past and Steve
conveniently omits information like he was a lobbyist for a non profit organization. Huge difference between these three men.

Anonymous said...

Homestead better watch out, Shiver is making a comeback and he wants to incorporate the Redlands, with Bell as mayor and a Bell as a commish. we are all SCREWED DOWN HERE