Friday, September 27, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott barks up Barack Obama's tree ... by gimleteye

If there was ever a sorry sight, it is the one of Gov. Rick Scott trying to pin the blame for the Lake Okeechobee mess on President Obama.

This is a governor who spurned -- as a matter of political principle? -- the involvement of the federal government in health care and the quality of water affecting the lives of millions of Floridians. Damage to Florida's environment is way up. Accountability is way down.

Now, the pollution crisis on both Florida coasts is severely denting the wallets of property owners who are mostly Republican.

In 2010, Gov. Scott ran against the plan of Charlie Crist to purchase more than 100,000 acres of land owned by US Sugar Corp. Sure it was an expensive deal, but if the state had aggressively pursued both the purchase and removed the vise-like grip of the Fanjul billionaires on key parcels in the central Everglades Agricultural Area, then we would much closer to solving both problems: how to restore the Everglades and protect property owners who are being trashed in order to prevent sugar farms from flooding.

So who's to blame, according to Gov. Scott? President Obama.

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