Monday, September 23, 2013

Alex Sink: out of governor's race ... by gimleteye

In recent years, we've had a lot to say about political candidate Alex Sink (check our archives). Mostly, our reasoning went along the lines that north Florida Democratic candidates for governor are fundamentally out of touch with a more liberal, diverse base in Florida's populous southern counties like Miami-Dade. Please!

In 2010, Sink lost Florida all by herself. We wish her well, from the sidelines.

The challenge for Democrats -- and the next candidate for governor -- is to clearly articulate what separates the hopes of voters from the record of Gov. Rick Scott. For too long, Democrats have been running scared in Florida. It is largely due to the perception that "running to the center" means emulating the attractions -- especially to curry favor with sources of campaign money -- of the GOP.

It is risky to turn away from past practices, but really: what do Democrats have to lose in Florida? Just look at the redistricting battle continuing to be fought, to the death, by the GOP.

Barack Obama has shown, twice, that it is possible to defy conventional Democratic wisdom (and campaign "experts") in Florida. Are there any Democratic candidates for governor with the good sense to understand the opportunity?

Winning the governor's office begins with the dismal record of our current governor, Rick Scott ... and ends with convincing Florida voters that there are substantive reasons to change.


Anonymous said...

I have had the opportunity to meet with many electeds in both Tally and DC. When Sink was the CFO, our group met with her at the Statehouse. She was the only one that kept her own notes. She carried with her a legal pad filled with notes. I was sitting adjacent to her so was able to get a gander of the her pad. Dates, scribbles in the margin, highlights, dog ears, etc. all made up her notepad. I was impressed. All the other electeds I encountered had somebody else taking notes for them.

Anonymous said...

Brian May.