Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Reason EVEN Homestead voters should understand on why to vote for Stephen Shelley. By Geniusofdespair

Vote for Stephen Shelley because he is handsome.

Do I underestimate Homestead voters?  Not by a long-shot. They are still voting for Steve Bateman even though Rick Scott has promised to remove him from office if he wins. Oh well, better than Bell.

Vote for the handsome guy Shelley on Tuesday, I mean look at him, he has got the right look, isn't that all that matters in an election?

I like the guy but who cares about that? No one at all, except me.


Anonymous said...

He's a comunist!

Geniusofdespair said...

Doesn't matter, he is good looking.

Anonymous said...

He's buds with Alger. That disqualifies him. He helped him re zone land which never should have been zoned for more then 1 home per five acres in the first place near the air base. The initial vote led to a federal lawsuit, Alger cried, Shelley helped "settle" the suit. Alger wins in the end because he still had higher density then if the land would have remained in UMSA, not annexed in to homestead, but I guess that was the point.

In any event, I think the collective IQ of the entire Homestead Council is barely hitting the 100 mark so I guess voting for the cutest is the best way to go, though he's not my type!

Anonymous said...

He is not on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

He's running for Vice Mayor. He'll be on the ballot after the Oct primary.

Anonymous said...

Would you change your mind if you knew:

His wife, Jenn Helms was Steve Shiver's Girl Friday when he represented Rosen as a lobbyist for most of the overdevelopment in Homestead

He was the Best Man in the Las Vegas wedding of Shiver and Cire Andino... the photo used to sit on Shivers desk at 47 N. Krome.

That late last year he bought a new house for cash, that is to say with NO mortgage and he never before owned a house (related to above Alger comment?)

That both he and his wife have homestead exemptions on each of their homes which should mean legally that they did not live together as of the first of the year

that his new house is assessed at 50 grand less than what he paid for it and that lower amount then gets the homestead applied

Just wanted to make sure you knew..

Anonymous said...

Jenn Helms is now in control of the nursery growers association. She is a realtor in homestead. It seems that if you are politically inclined in homestead you must be a realtor, attorney or have a supporting role in building houses.

Keys gate area is building out fast, even with thousands of foreclosures sitting there off the market. People need to realize if you buy a home in homestead area, the foreclosures are going hurt your new home value. You can only find a "regular" sale in the new housing developments. Everything else is foreclosures or short sales. Even in the foreclosure market/short sale market you will only find housing that is flawed with Chinese drywall or just framed walls with the drywall out.

One has to wonder why the banks are sitting on the foreclosures. The Homestead ecomony is a mess...investors are ruling the market, scads of rental homes and people can't afford to live in them. And then, entire rows of houses waiting for the owners to be final in foreclosure. All politics.

Isn't there at least one person with some sense running?

Geniusofdespair said...

That he is good looking? Yes I know that.

Anonymous said...

Shelley is a solid guy. He's a successful lawyer and a brilliant artist in addition to being intellectually coherent.

Anyone who wants quality leadership should support him and reject the baseless slander.

Anonymous said...

Steve Shelley has done a good job on the council he's been mostly independent and balanced. That not everyone agrees with every vote he takes is expected. Overall I am satisfied and will be voting for him for Vice Mayor.

Anonymous said...

His wife has a falling out with Shiver

Anonymous said...

It has to be a tie for who is the biggest vagina on this council, Burgess or Shelly

Anonymous said...

Plus he's a comunist, no less.

Anonymous said...

Most of the current council are Vaginas!!!! Look around! You think Porter is not the biggest va-jay-jay ever? Wrong! He is far worse! Shelley has been nothing but a wet dish rag of a personality! He rode Bateman's coat tails into office, and now has nothing to show for himself! When is Homestead going to stop electing people based on who their spouses are??? On a side note, Shelley and Porter would be great together, a lot of dishes gonna get washed, but nothing good for the City will get done!

Anonymous said...

He needs a better shave or photoshop editor.

IF Homestead really wants to do something to improve the City, get rid of the CRA or at least stop funding it if it cannot go away for some archaic reason. The same people are always at the feeding trough with zero performance. Get rid of Homestead Mainstreet and sell the Seminole Theatre to a group who can really re develop it instead of it being a money pit. The Brooklyn Bridge took less time to build then both of the above entities which are just cash cows for the people running them in to the ground.

I would also suggest re building the City Hall off of US 1 where it is, not across the street from Miami Dade College where there is zero visibility and it's going to be very hard for the residents of the east side to find with worse parking then where the temporary City Hall is.

Every council member should be ashamed of themselves for such an insider deal with the current City Manager by extending a contract, not up for renewal, with a total lack of concern for the incoming Mayor and the taxpayers. This manager is from Ft. Lauderdale and is basically un employable anywhere else except for Homestead which is where it seems everyone who cannot get a real job anywhere else has to go onto the Homestead Government payroll or get a CRA grant at the taxpayer expense with zero accountability and zero improvements to the City, just the same old, same old!

No, I really don't think Shelley is cute nor his anticts. I don't like people hiding behind this stuff when they're blindly doing really bad stuff. I'm not sure what's worse, the fact he's clueless or he may not be!

As someone wrote prior, Homestead should just unincorporate and be taken over by Florida City. At least Wallace knows what he's doing, he's been at it for a really, really long time! It can be the section 8 capital of Miami Dade County, and we can also add a new prison to build up the census figures too!

Anonymous said...

Shelley and Porter are already together. Both work for Mike Marcus at 200 NE 2 Road in Homestead.
At least Marcus will have transparency in government. He will know exactly what is always going on and lobby the council.
Remember when Judy Waldman, Steve Shiver, Nick Sincore and Janet Ivy worked for him?
This is a replay.

Outofsight said...

Can you stop with the anti-female usage of medical terms?

The usage makes no sense and shows a grave ignorance of a vocabulary large enough to express ones self in a grown-up matter.

Say what you need to say, but use maturity and don't be nitwit while doing it.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a pussy, out of sight

Anonymous said...

His wife is part of the Incorporate the Redlands campaign, trying to strong arm Homestead into their little domain. I am tired of the taxes and government.

If you go through with this Redland crap, I will be forced to campaign your husband OUT of office. and if you don't believe me than watch me take on the Bell's, and learn.