Friday, August 09, 2013

Is West Miami Commissioner Batshit Crazy? By Geniuofdespair

City of West Miami Commissioner/Vice Mayor, Juan Blanes, charged with battery of an 11 year old.

Incident occurred at the Rebecca Sosa Multi Purpose Facility (where Blanes serves as chairperson) at approximately 8pm.

This is not his first offense.

The following are some of the details as per 2 eye witnesses:

Version 1
Juan Blanes grabbed victim by the left shoulder of his sleeveless t-shirt. Blanes dragged victim by the wrist and pinned him against the wall yelling obscenities and scolding victim and ordering him to sit down. Victim began to cry yelling out for his friends to call the police and his father. Blanes released victim and the victim was able to call his father. The father arrived and asked Blanes who he thought he was grabbing his son. Blanes told him he was the commissioner. The father said he did not care who he was, he did not have the right to grab his son. The father left with victim to the City of West Miami police station to file a report. In the meantime many overheard Blanes calling the city manager and the mayor. The police arrived to question Blanes and children witnesses. It was said that Officer Delgado called the mayor to consult on how he should handle the situation.
         Version 2
Tempers flared Wednesday evening at the Recreation Center of the Rebeca Sosa Multi-Purpose Facility Building, 1700 SW 62 Avenue, West Miami, FL. As children were asked to leave at closing time, one 11-year-old using his hand to push open the metal bar handle on a glass exit door, made too much noise to suit entering Commissioner Juan M. Blanes, a full-time City of Miami Fire Department paramedic. According to eye witnesses, Blanes grabbed the child by the left shoulder of his sleeveless t-shirt accusing him of having kicked the door. Dragging the child by the wrists, he pinned the child against the wall yelling obscenities, scolding the child, and ordering him to sit down. The child began to cry and yelled out for his friends to call the police. Blanes released the child who immediately called his father.

The father, already on his way to pick up his son at the Rec Center, asked Blanes who he was and why he thought he had the authority to allegedly discipline his son. Blanes yelled out that he was a West Miami Commissioner. As the father and son left to file a report at the local City of West Miami Police Department, several eyewitnesses heard Blanes yell out that he was “calling my people,” the City Manager and the Mayor. City of West Miami Detective Pete Delgado was the first to arrive on the scene and he is also reported to have called the mayor to consult on “how to handle the situation.”

The father filed a report at the West Miami Police Department against Commissioner Blanes for battery on his son, but was persuaded not to press charges.
 One version said he was arrested the other version says no. If it is true that a grown man was physically abusing and yelling obscenities at an 11 year old is inexcusable. I don't care how rude the kid was. Charges should have been filed.


Anonymous said...

A violent warmongering society elects violent and belligerent as representatives, blame yourselves for a downward spiraling culture of systematic corruption, violence, prejudice and greed. Couple of days ago a teenager got killed in South Beach by a police officer for painting graffiti. What next? our culture, society, laws and beliefs has serious flaws.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti or vandalism and attempted eluding and fleeing the scene of a crime.

Put your address out in the public so the "talented" artists can turn your property into "art". Nobody wanted the kid to die but ultimately who is responsible the police or one's own bad behavior?

GB said...

It's also bizarre that Rebeca Sosa has a facility named after her. Did she contribute her personal fortune for that building or was it built with taxpayer money. My guess is the latter.

Anonymous said...

The GOP believes Blanes is another up and comer from Miami. Collaring an 11 yr. old miscreant demonstrates the lessons of personal responsibility. Blanes for governor.

Anonymous said...

So the Graffiti tagger may have had a bright future as a Commissioner doing as he wished or as a police officer committing crimes behind a badge and a pathetic brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

Is Juan Barnes really a City of Miami Fire Department union member? Is he another high paid City of Miami employee who refuses to live within the City of Miami?

Anonymous said...

Why does Sosa have a building named after her? What is this stuff with public funds being used to "honor" politicians or their Mom (Lynda Bell's). Get me a barf bag and I happen to think Sosa isn't the worst one at the BCC but she did approve the Marlins and was a higher up in Rubio's campaign.

This guy sounds like a punk with a real anger management problem. He makes Carlos Danger aka Weiner look like a female rights supporter!

Anonymous said...

A former Captain from the City of Miami Fire Department is in prison doing 4 years for mortgage fraud. She was even using her City desk and City fax machine to commit her crimes. She was transmitting phony contracts. Fire Department let her keep her $150,000 per year pension. Taxpayers screwed again.

Anonymous said...

8 days ago a familly filed a battery charge against Punk Juan Blanes, what has the police,state attorney or child and family services done.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Juan Blanes and the City of West Miami are covering up another
blunder by R. I. P. Blanes. What if this had happened to your child? O BOY!!!!!! Justice at work once again. Small city big fires, who's going to put them out?

Anonymous said...

It is up to the voters to stop electing "politicians" and go out and vote for citizens who are actually trying to make this world (starting in our little city) a better place! Power trips & over the top egos should not be in office making all the decisions for us. Citizens should be in office making decisions as a community.