Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Police Public Corruption Unit at odds with County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. By Geniusofdespair

Don't miss this article by Enrique Flor and Melissa Sanchez (the El Nuevo Herald dynamic duo) where the mayor is accused of retaliation in cuts to police corruption unit. The article also states:

But the union leader and police sources told El Nuevo Herald that key evidence was concealed for months in the electoral fraud case that exploded a year ago with the arrest of ballot collector Deisy Pentón de Cabrera a few blocks away from Giménez’s campaign office in Hialeah.

They also questioned why no warrant was executed for a raid on the campaign office, even though Cabrera was seen entering and leaving the place carrying absentee ballots in her hands.


Hammy said...

Can you please recite the MDPD public corruption unit's success stories for us? I can't recall any. Twenty full-time detectives? Shouldn't we have seen some major corruption charges brought against Miami-Dade politicians with twenty full-time detectives on the job? Where are the charges against Pepe Diaz? Andre Pierre? The people responsible for the House of Lies scandal? Hello?

I can't recall any success stories, but I do remember when Frank Boni headed the MDPD public corruption unit. Boni is the former head of the MDPD public corruption unit (and Alvarez/Loftus crony) who was caught sneaking to a Kendall hotel with his MDPD secretary in the middle of the workday. Boni is also the former head of the MDPD public corruption unit who was stopped by cops for driving erratically. Instead of giving Boni a breathalyzer, the officers responding to the scene decided Boni was ill and took him to get something to eat.

If you ask me, the public corruption unit has a history of being corrupt. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Of course the detectives who are being transferred from the public corruption unit to general investigations are angry. They might actually have to work in general investigations! The public corruption unit is the place to be when you are a lazy overpaid veteran and you just want to hang out and scratch your ass all day long for a $100k+ salary. The only cushier job at the department is at the training bureau.

Anonymous said...

How about Carlos Gimenez firing several lobbyists last year over a scandal. Gimenez fired lobbyist Francois Illias. Why? Oh, and Ilias is one of the lobbyists hired by Walmart to evade public scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the reassignments have anything to do with the PBA giving supporting politicians the heads up on investigations?
The facts are clear the unit has failed to complete investigations and the indictments were minimal. PBA detectives taking time off to work for politicians seems to reek of conflicted priorities. The unit made Gimenez a target who was also a target of the PBA.

Anonymous said...

Even worse, the guy that is yelling the loudest sent an email from his private email to the state attorneys office, last year mind you that said:

"I need to unseat Gimenez."

I thought that as a law enforcement official, in public corruption no less, that his duty was to investigate allegations of wrongdoing??? I mean really, there is no bias..

Also, if the were improprieties, why did this "officer" wait a year, and only after he was reassigned, to disclose them? Why didn't he go to the FBI or FDLE as soon as he saw anything of that nature???? Isn't that his duty as well?????

And this bs argument that the public corruption unit was "dismantled" hog wash. What happened is that the FBI I with the cooperation with The County and other law enforcement agencies just created the largest anti corruption task force in the Country, and that task force reports to the FBI, not any elected official at the County. That is a very good thing.

The layers of the onion are getting peeled on this one. Media is going to have to eat crow soon.

Anonymous said...

In reponse to the listed comments, I have researched past information about the public corruption unit and found out that prior to an ordinance passed by Carlos Gimenez in 2007 that prohibited the unit from investigating commissioners and the mayor, the unit arrested commissioner Miriam Alonso and was about to arrest Arthur Teele before he committed suicide. Since then, the unit did make arrests in the case of the house of lies and just in the last year, the detective accused of scratching his ass arrested North Miami Mayor Myron Rosner for campaign fraud; Bailiff Juana Durand for forgery and beibery and recently 3 others for fraud involving $6 million county dollars. Try to research facts before spewing venom. You will sound more intelligent.