Friday, August 23, 2013

Oleta State Park designated by DEP to have 150 acres of surplus land. By Geniusofdespair

 Since when does a park have surplus land? Maybe we can sell it to Walmart or put up a Burger King.  Here is what Tropical Audubon has to say about this important subject:

Please help us save 150 acres of conservation land at Oleta River State Park and several acres critical to wildlife in the Keys from being surplussed by the State!

As part of their Land Assessment, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has identified 2 parcels in Oleta River State Park amounting to 150 acres, as well as numerous parcels in the Keys, to be considered for surplus.

The parcels in Oleta River State Park, adjacent to the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves, are mangrove wetlands, critical for waterbirds and fisheries.

Tropical Audubon Society believes the State should be working to acquire more land for conservation such as these, not surplussing them.

There will be two webinars hosted where engaged citizens like yourself will have the opportunity to voice their concerns. Please sign up and speak up for Oleta River State Park and the Keys.

Please join either one of the following webinars:
If you cannot attend the webinars listed, please send your comments to and tell DEP we want to keep these lands for conservation!


Anonymous said...

Has DEP heard of climate change sea level rise? Apparently not. We'll need these wetlands to absorb the coming seas and protect mainland properties during storm surge. Maybe the County should buy the property with the proceeds from development impact fees fir all those new projects going up. That would be the smart thing to do. Whoops! I forgot I was talking about Miami Dade County. Forget about it. Not going to happen. Rowboat anyone?

Anonymous said...

FIU has been wanting to put roads on that property for years and have been denied. This smells of political back room dealing between the FIU and the state. This land is owned by the people of Florida and should remain public land.

Anonymous said...

any more hearings on this?

miaexile said...

Whoever said FIU and back room deal win!

Anonymous said...

FIU stinks. We need more natural park land NOT less.

UPG said...

Please help SAVE the Mangroves!

When you write your letters, please CC Senator Gwen Margolis. She has asked for this, so she can understand the level of support the community has.

For useful links and info on this important matter, visit:

UPG said...


Do nothing... and you might see backroom deals.

When you write your e-mail comments to the DEP, be sure to CC Senator Gwen Margolis. She helped create Oleta, and has asked to be CC'd.

For more info, e-mail addresses, links, replacement cost estimates and other useful stuff, visit:

Steve S said...

Who ever is anonymously saying FIU is behind this is making it up. FIU is looking for environmentally sound strategies, but as of this posting is looking for information about why DEP is surplusing land under the protection of EPA.