Monday, August 26, 2013

Note from Michael Pizzi. By Geniusofdespair

This was just sent to me by Michael Pizzi:

I am still the Mayor of Miami Lakes, elected by 70% of the people, who I believe still support me.

I never betrayed the trust of the people of Miami Lakes and in the coming year the citizens will benefit from the opening of 87th avenue and the opening of new COmmunity and Youth Centers. Just a few weeks ago, we were an All America City finalist again, and our new Government Center is thriving and costing less than the rent we had been paying. The "allegation" against me is that a lobbyist who everyone said was honest, said we could apply for a grant from Americore to create jobs, and it wasn't going to cost the City anything. It passed unanimously and not a single tax payer dollar was spent or lost. The record is clear that I never asked for any benefit for myself and I will be fully exonerated.

Unlike other cases that drag on for years, where the targets get to provide evidence of their innocence, in my case I was arrested first and asked questions later. The first time I even knew I was being investigated for anything was after I was released the first day. I never asked for any money and took no money innappropriatley. There was no reason to target me. As you know, I rarely went to political events or traveled among the "in-crowd."

I said repeatedly that I all I ever cared about was helping the people get jobs if it was possible. I still drive my old Kia and live in the most inexpensive TOwn Home in the Lakes. I still eat at burger king.

Please remember that in America we are innocent until proven guilty. I want to thank all of my well wishers and supporters, and let them know that I never let them down and will keep fighting. I have fought big battles before, but its unfortunate that a Mayor elected and supported by the people has been removed without having his day in court and in a case when his "crime" was doing what he thought was in the public interest. God Bless.

Mayor Michael Pizzi
It wasn't too long ago when I was calling into Michael's radio show.  He kept telling me to keep my dog quiet.  I assured him I didn't have a dog.  But he insisted I had one. Then he started talking about his Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn and reminiscing about his mother's cooking, that led to him asking a listener to bring him a hero or a pizza. Being Italian myself, that seemed logical when thinking about mom's cooking. This was all going on while we were actually having a conversation about some civic question.  Michael Pizzi is one of a kind. - Geniusofdespair