Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hurricane Marco Rubio: his political fortunes are out of wind ... by gimleteye

GOP Senator Marco Rubio hasn't done anything yet to ruin chances of promotion -- not like one time Democrat Alex Penelas --, but Rubio is stuck in place: out of favor with extremists in his own party and out of sync with mainstream America.

Herald reporter Marc Caputo writes today that only stories by the Miami newspaper and the Tampa Bay Times forced Senator Rubio to disclose his position on Syria. "From commenting on threatened oyster habitats to the problems with Obamacare, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has regularly held forth on the issues of the day. Except one: Syria."

Caputo is wrong. Senator Rubio is silent on climate change.

Recently, the environmental climate change organization, 350, launched a campaign against climate change deniers in the US Senate. For The New York Times, Andy Revkin writes, "Climate campaigners seem to think they have a winner with this takedown of elected officials who reject global warming science, in which fake news reports talk of the turmoil and tragedy created by Hurricane Marco Rubio, Hurricane James Inhofe, Hurricane John Boehner and more."

Of all regions most vulnerable as an economic matter -- if not humanitarian one -- to climate change, South Florida stands out. Yet its US Senator, Marco Rubio, is silent. Perhaps it is time for both the Miami Herald and the Tampa Bay Times to ask the same questions we have and put Hurricane Rubio in plain view.


Anonymous said...

Plus it is long past time for Republicans to stop STOP voting against their own interests.

Geniusofdespair said...

Caputo is mostly wrong on Rubio.

100panthers said...

Rubio is a 'short term' opportunist with no long term substance. Always trying to ride the fickel polls of the far right GOP, a road to (hopefully) nowhere. So he will need to change direction.

Remember his embrace of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, an association he now avoids?

If Miami gets hit by a bad hurricane this season Rubio will claim 'I prayed for those who suffered and God told me to change my position on climate change such that maybe climate change is not man made but man can help the rate of warming, and when God speaks I listen. So I have changed my position...but think that we still need fossil fuels as a bridge (still sucking up to Koch Bros. and BP) and Keystone Pipeline for next 30 years. But now I am also for funding renewable energy.' Vote for me!

What an embarrassment to Florida. This guy is a machiavellian clown.

Science Teacher said...

1. There has been no global warming recorded in 17 years.
2. Some scientists falsified data to further their global warming theories.
3. Climate change is completely natural.
4. Nearly all wildlife would benefit from global warming, especially in the arctic regions.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the comment above should have his or her teaching license revoked.

Here are two websites to help educate on climate change, but some people are too invested in denial to even learn. (They shouldn't be teachers@)+!)

Anonymous said...

SCience Teacher must be a Koch brothers web troll.

Gina said...

I just googled each of science teacher's statements and each one appears to be true. I'm not sure why other commenters are angry and making personal attacks, but I notice no one refuted any of the four points.

Anonymous said...

Please get it right, he is not a Hurricane, he is El Niño.

100panthers said...

Wonder why our students underperform compared to other first world countries? Wonder why American students lag in the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) curriculum achievements?

Easy. Look at the post by clown above signed Science Teacher!

We entrust our youth this idiot? You're FIRED!

BTW Science Teacher, new data has been collected since you last studied it in the early 1070s.