Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Danger on solid ground: go to Disney World, but watch where you put your step ... by gimleteye

Apocalyptic news from yesterday: a condo near Disney World in Orlando slipped into a sinkhole, sending residents fleeing in terror.

At EOM, we've paid close attention to sinkholes that damage property in Florida, because sinkholes are a leading indicator of the gross mismanagement of Florida's water resources by elected officials and especially the region's water management districts.

But paying attention doesn't correlate to change. Far from it. Florida's elected officials are more determined than ever to promote growth at any cost policies. Florida voters appear unconcerned so long as sinkholes don't happen to them.

The school year is arriving and traffic about to revert to norm. But the indolent days of August are here, and unless you live where the water management district is permitting gobs of deadly algae blooms to flourish, you are just trying to beat the heat. If you have time, do a search on our stories on sinkholes. Here's one with a neat-o diagram.

If anyone has Tiger Wood's email, please forward to him. His $54 million mansion in Jupiter was recently reported to be sinking.


Anonymous said...

Well, we all should start looking as we could be swallowed up, go under, and never be found again. All because of greedy politicians. I wonder when the media will connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep pumping that water and growing beyond capacity. I think the legislators should pay for our sinkhole insurance!