Monday, August 05, 2013

Commissioner Sally Heyman: No Competition? By Geniusofdespair

While Lynda Bell has raised $120,075 for her campaign and Jean Monestime $102,715 for his, Sally Heyman has raised $6,000.  She is popular in her district and gives us some pretty good votes on the Commission. She is one of our more liberal Commissioners, representing one of the more liberal districts in Miami Dade County: District 4.

Heyman only has 4 $500 donations, most come from lawyers.  Sally is in a unique position. Most of her district is comprised of cities so the developers have to go to the cities not to her for favorable changes -- unless it is a DRI development. Anyway, even thought it is incredibly early in the race (over a year away) barring some sort of extraordinary circumstances, I think she will run unopposed.


Anonymous said...

Certainly proves something if she doesn't have a huge kitty to waste and she can't "help" developers.

Anonymous said...

she'll have to raise plenty of money if Jonah Wolfson decides to run against her.


Anonymous said...

Sally Heyman is no friend of Greynolds Park. Is it any wonder that the kick-off party for her campaign is going to be at the Marina Palms sales office? Liberal? Ha! Then why isn't she going to bat for the magnificent Greynolds Park in her district to try to stop developers from erecting three 10-15 story buildings immediately against the park? Sally says it's North Miami Beach's business, not Miami-Dade County's business. Sorry, Sally. Greynolds Park is not in North Miami Beach. It's in unincorporated Miami-Dade. The property NMB officials want to have built by out-of-state developers is directly adjacent to the Park and will destroy its ecosystem. The traffic along West Dixie Highway will come to a screeching halt at rush hour. The residents behind the Park will have their peaceful neighborhood forever ruined by these giants buildings and the commotion they will bring. Where has Sally been on this issue? Doesn't she care for the people and park? Obviously not. Greynolds Park is the beautiful, eight-decades old, historic park in HER district, loved by millions all over the world, and she's going to let developers have their way without even putting up a fight. Somebody get in the race against her. Please. She's no friend of the people or to the park. See the Facebook page: SAVE GREYNOLDS PARK

Anonymous said...

Sally is principal reason Jackson Memorial had so many problems and almost went bankrupt. She was the Chair of the Health And Safety Committee during the worst times at JMH, and did nothing except point fingers. There must be someone in our county who will run against this professional politician whose main talent is ranting.