Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Money Governor Scott is Collecting. By Geniusofdespair

The Legacy of Governor Rick Scott
 Governor's Scott's "Let's get to work:"

Who is giving to Governor Rick Scott that you might know of:

Ron Book $25,000 8/17/2010
Miguel B. Fernandez $125,000 (Healthcare) 1/25/2012
Donald Trump $50,000 4/4/2012 and $50,000 4/23/2013
Progress Energy and Blue Cross $100,000 each. Blue Cross had a second for $150,000
Wayne Huizenga $250,000 5/21/2012, $20,000 8/20/2013
Manuel Medina $50,000 4/30/2013
Genting $50,000 5/20/2013
Resorts World (Genting) $100,f000 6/29/2013
Florida Power and Light $250,000 6/21/2013
United States Sugar Corp $100,000 6/27/2012, $100,000 3/26/2013, $100,000 6/18/2013
Florida Crystals (sugar) $100,000 6/21/2013 $100,000 6/26/2013, 
Joe Caruncho (Coconut Grove- Healthcare) $25,000 8/8/2013
Stephen Ross (Dolphins) $50,000 4/4/2012


Anonymous said...

"The Usual Suspects"


Big Sugar

Steve Ross - the billionaire who wants the taxpayers to pay to renovate his private property.


Anonymous said...

Like your cartoon. It would be funny if it weren't so true.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Koch Brothers, the Puppeteers!

Mensa said...

We must get rid of this terrible Gov.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those same donors are probably the same people sending off the maximum individual funds to state reps & state senators, I mean the Rep. one's!

Barf meter explodes!

outofsight said...

There is no excess public land in Florida --- Only excess politicians.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing about America is that one can put billions of dollars into an election trying to buy power over the people and fail to win. It just goes to show you that money can't buy everything and in a democracy people rule not money.

Anonymous said...