Thursday, August 29, 2013

Any excuse to campaign. By Geniusofdespair

Lynda Bell hit gold with this one, 400 teachers, she sure knows how to get her face out there:

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Lynda Bell took advantage of an assembly of more than 400 teachers and staff on August 8, to surprise Gulliver’s Dean of Faculty and Director of University Community and Corporate Affairs, Hank Langston, with beautifully framed proclamation from the mayor and county commission.


Outfight said...

What did that guy ever do for us to receive a proc.... I guess less than what her mom did to get a building named after herself.

Anonymous said...

Bell does use her public office and public funds for campaigning better then most up there. I guess Homestead trained her how to gain and trained her husband how to get CRA money and not get arrested after she approved the CRA budget for Homestead. Bell needs to go - both of them. They cannot exist unless it's on the public dollar. That's the only thing both of them do well together in addition to getting their kids jobs which they are totally unqualified for. Hopefully, as rumor has it, there is a solid candidate who will be challenging her. They won't come out just yet but I'll bet money there's already a PAC for her opponent! Too bad Fernandez Rundle won't go after her as she should have done months ago for her misuse of office as she say's and "enriching" herself, her family and her friends - like DuBois and the ongoing DERM issues (is he still seeing helicopters or little people behind his house?)