Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Radical Right continues to thwart Fair Districts ... by gimleteye

The Florida Supreme Court will take up the issue of whether legislators and staff can hide behind an alleged "legislative privilege" and refuse to produce evidence that would show whether they engaged in political favoritism in drawing the senate and Congressional maps last year.

The trial judge had ordered the House and Senate to produce documents and ruled that legislators and staff had to sit for depositions.

The legislature appealed and the appellate court found (in a 2-1 decision) that the politicians did not have to provide testimony or documents. The FairDistricts Coalition asked the Supreme Court to take the case and last week the Court agreed.

Oral arguments will be heard on September 16th.

FairDistricts writes, "We are on the path to a pivotal decision that will determine whether Tallahassee politicians will be held responsible for any disregard of the constitutional redistricting rules established by Florida voters."


Anonymous said...

What role are Miami lawyers like Miguel De Grandy playing in thwarting the will of the people?

Anonymous said...

Miguel De Grandy gets hired as a consultant/lawyer by politicians to design new districts. The proposed new districts invariably benefit intrenched politicians. De Grandy must pander to his bosses, the politicians, to get paid. No one represents the citizens.

100panthers said...

The GOP talks about freedom-Patriotism-Constitutional Rights like the 2nd Amendment....and then do everything they can to hijack democratic elections (the foundation of all rights). Freaking hypocrites!

Forget the terrorists, communists and socialists, the greatest threat to freedom and liberties in this country is the radical right.